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Grab this Nintendo Switch bundle and get a free memory card and controller

This is one of the best Nintendo Switch deals you’re going to find.

Everyone likes a good deal on Cyber Monday, and a deal can’t get much better than when you get free stuff. If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch bundle this holiday season, you should really check out Walmart’s deal. In addition to getting the new Nintendo Switch model with up to 50% more battery life, you’ll also receive a free 128GB microSD card and an Ematic wired controller. That’s a pretty sweet deal that basically gives you $70-worth of accessories for free. That memory card will be especially nice, given that the Switch only has 32GB of internal storage.

Nintendo Switch Bundle with 128GB memory card and Ematic Controller

$299.00 $368.95 $70 off

See at Walmart

This sweet deal gives you the new Nintendo Switch V2 along with a free memory card and a free wired controller. It’s one of the best deals you’ll find this Cyber Monday.

I love the Nintendo Switch since it can be used in handheld mode, docked to your TV, or in tabletop mode. It’s a seriously versatile gaming system. What’s more, there are currently several Switch games on sale for Cyber Monday right now. You’ll want to pick one of these games up to further increase your enjoyment of the Switch. Going back to the bundle, getting a free microSD card and a free controller is really a great deal. If you’re going to pick up a Nintendo Switch, this is the bundle to get.

Cyber Monday!

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