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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta reveals even more awesome gameplay!

New Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay video gives us a great inside look at Niantic’s new game!

Since the launch of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, we have been eager to learn every bit of information we can. Now, that the beta is live in Australia, even more players are getting to sink their teeth into the new game and discover what Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has to offer.

Gamespot released a video that shows a solid 15 minutes of gameplay, that features Foundables, Inns, casting spells, leveling up, and more! You can watch it below:

While it’s important to remember that the game is still in beta and anything you see in the video above is subject to change, including gameplay elements or even images and design, this video gives us a good look at how the basics of gameplay function right now.

Tons more gameplay than Pokémon Go at launch

The most favorite aspect of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite so far, is that by all accounts, this game is going to have a ton of gameplay elements ready to go when it finally launches. If you compare what we see in this video to what we had when Pokémon GO launched, it’s easy to see that Niantic has taken everything it has learned to heart and is preparing for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to be just as successful — if not more successful — than Pokémon GO.

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