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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Events – rumors, launch dates, and more

Events are something of a staple in Niantic’s games, but these brilliant events seem very important

Like Pokémon GO before it, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to have regular events for its players to complete and, with some of the bigger events, actually go to and participate in. Right now in Wizards Unite, they are called Brilliant Events and they offer special shiny Foundables for your registry as well as special assignments for you to gain XP.

These events are not always active, though they do appear in your registry all the time. They are also particularly important as they give you restricted section books. In fact, they are the only source of these books currently, and you need the books to complete your Profession path especially if you want to be a Professor.

This article is going to be a running primer of all the events, past and present, in Wizards Unite and will serve as your guide throughout them. We will try to include all the information we can and, with the help of the Reddit group, keep that information updated throughout the event.

What do the Events look like?

So far we only have one event to go on but it should give us an idea of what all the events will be like in Wizards Unite.

The Brilliant Events introduce new assignments to be completed, new Foundables to catch for your registry, a 7KM Portmanteau, and a set of brilliant runestones to be collected. The assignments are more like the SOS assignments than the daily assignments, in that they only end once the event has finished, so you have plenty of time to complete them. They also come in multiple tiers, with each tier offering better rewards.

The Foundables listed in the registry will change depending on the Event, but will all be available to catch. Once the event is over they won’t reappear unless Niantic decides to do that event over again. Its first event was only for Beta users, so hopefully, they will redo that event now the game has gone live.

One of the most important parts of the events are the restricted section books you receive as rewards for completing the assignments. These are incredibly important as you need over 150 of them to complete each of the Auror and Magizoologist Professions, and a whopping 250 to complete the Professor skill tree. Making something that important only available during events is crazy, and I hope Niantic rethink this as soon as possible.

The brilliant event also introduces a new distance Portmanteau, the 7KM. Like the 7KM eggs in Pokémon GO, these Portmanteau house special Portkeys that relate to the Brilliant Event. You can also collect Brilliant runestones like the one above that will let you collect the Brilliant Foundables from your Wizard Challenges.

What events are there?

Here we will keep a running total of all the Events in Wizards Unite. If you see anything that we haven’t from these events please let us know and we will add it to the article.

Flora and Fauna Event

While New Zealand and Australia were busy Beta testing Wizards Unite for the rest of us, they were also given their own Event to try out. The main push of this event was to complete 4 separate sets of assignments, each one more difficult than the last, to obtain restricted section books, and other rewards.

You also had six brilliant Foundables to collect, including a shiny purple Unicorn, and a shiny Buckbeak! These foundables could be found in the world as well as in the Fortresses, and require the same kind of fragment collecting as normal foundables.

It seems the best way to collect the Foundables was through the Fortresses, though of course, you needed to catch them normally to collect the Brilliant Runes needed to access the Wizard Challenges. The 7KM Portmanteaus also gave good amounts of fragments so it will be worth traveling with them in the events.

The combination of Foundables, Fortresses, and Portmanteaus was enough for a lot of people to complete the event and get the maximum number of restricted books possible so it seems Niantic may have already found a decent balance.

Let us know what you know

Have you more details about an event that we don’t know? Perhaps you have already done one and can tell us more. Feel free to leave us any comments, and if we can verify it we will add it to the article.

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