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Here are some cool AR games you should try on the iPod touch 7!

Apple’s latest iteration of iPod touch can now do AR. Here are some cool games to check out with it!

Apple just recently updated the iPod touch hardware in the 7th generation, and it is now capable of doing augmented reality (AR) games thanks to the new A10 Fusion chip. So what are some good games that will take advantage of this new AR capability? Let’s take a look!

Pokémon Go

This one needs no introduction. In Pokémon Go, you walk around and encounter wild Pokémon, which you’ll want to capture. Throw Poké Balls and hope they don’t break free! Grow your Pokémon collection, evolve them, and complete your Pokédex.

There are also Raids, which require you to team up with others to take down challenging boss battles against powerful legendary Pokémon (or stronger than average Pokémon), with the chance to capture them after they’re defeated. The developers are also constantly coming up with new events and ways to bring the community together, such as trading and leveling up friendship.

Please note that Pokémon Go does require an Internet connection, so with an iPod touch, you will need to connect to a mobile hotspot or tether off of someone’s phone.

Free with in-app purchases – Download Now


ARise is a gorgeous AR puzzle adventure game. You help a small, pint-size adventurer take on big challenges in ARise, such as crossing chasms and scaling cliffs. The game features a lot of shifts in perspective to create paths that weren’t otherwise there, such as in Monument Valley. There are also plenty of visual cues to help you, in case you get stuck.

There’s no need to touch or swipe in ARise—everything is done completely through AR. The game gives you the first level for free to try it out, and then you can purchase the rest through an in-app purchase.

Free with in-app purchases – Download Now

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is a strategy puzzle RPG. You’re on a distant planet with a dying colony, but there’s a deadly conspiracy out there and you end up having to fight a corrupt system. You’ll find plenty of turn-based tactics, puzzles, and RPG storytelling in this beautiful game.

There are even special AR-only missions that give the game an entirely new layer of depth, and you can replay previous story missions in AR as well.

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The Machines

Play with your friends in this stunning AR game featuring tactical mechs and machines that are clamoring to become the victor in intense multiplayer battles.

There are plenty of different mechs and machines to use in battle in The Machines. Every single one of them has their own unique abilities and attacks that you’ll want to use to your advantage on the battlefield. Destroy the enemy base and climb the leaderboards as you watch battles play out right on your tabletop.

$5 – Download Now

AR Robot

AR Robot is a fun, family-friendly option that everyone can enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t like building their own robot and using it in battle?

In AR Robot, you do just that. Create your very own bots, train them up, and then use them in battle online against friends to see whose bot is the best. The game has over 100 million combinations for bots thanks to the insane number of customizable parts, so you can really create a robot that is truly you. The attributes of your bot can get upgraded too, so it’s not just the parts that you have that will win, it’s how you train.

Free with in-app purchases – Download Now

Defend It! AR

What happens when you have a horde of alien-like robots bursting in through your walls? Blast them! That’s the goal in Defend It! AR.

With the power of AR, this game lets you aim the camera at your wall for a vertical surface, and then you’ll watch a bunch of robots break through your walls. They’ll be after the crystal on the shelf that you put somewhere on that wall, and your only defense is your device. Use it to blast those robots away and keep the crystal safe! There are a ton of weapons and upgrades available to make the experience more fun across hundreds of levels.

Free with in-app purchases – Download Now

ARia’s Legacy

ARia’s Legacy is a totally unique AR experience. It uses AR to create an escape room experience, right from the comfort of your own home. It does this by creating a virtual environment around your physical space, and then you’ll walk around and discover things that were never there before. The story will unfold as you explore and discover, but will you be able to escape the locked room?

Free – Download Now

Kings of Pool

Everyone loves a good game of billiards, right? Kings of Pool uses AR to bring a pool table right inside your home, no expensive furniture required.

With the AR pool table, you can play against local friends or go online and climb the leaderboards. Use the AR for a realistic experience and try to pull off trick shots for style points. No matter how you play, the AR mode lets you play realistically without spending a lot of dough.

Free with in-app purchases – Download Now

Playground AR: Physics Sandbox

Playground AR is the perfect game for showcasing AR. It’s a physics sandbox, giving you a ton of blocks, toys, and more objects to create things with and then destroying with no limitations.

There are a ton of different objects that you can use in Playground AR, from wooden blocks to dominos to RC cars. Stack and build, and use other items to destroy them with. Feel free to throw things around too, freeze them, or connect them with other blocks. The game has multiplayer options too, so you can play with your friends and even visit their creations.

$3 – Download Now

What are your favorites?

These are just some of the many great AR games that you can now check out on your iPod touch 7. They’re also great on iPhones and iPads as well. What are some of your favorite AR games? Let us know in the comments!

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