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Here are some real-world samples of Deep Fusion on an iPhone 11

Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • With Deep Fusion out, the first real-world image samples are starting to come out.
  • Photographer Tyler Stalman posted some results on Twitter that truly impress.
  • He compared Deep Fusion on the iPhone 11 with Smart HDR on an iPhone XR.

The amount of detail it captures is unreal.

After announcing Deep Fusion would be coming out earlier this week, Apple released the iOS 13.2 beta update that made it available. This means the long-awaited camera feature is now in people’s hands and the early samples are truly impressive.

YouTuber and photographer Tyler Stalman shared some of his first real-life examples using Deep Fusion on an iPhone 11 and compared it against an iPhone XR. To really put Deep Fusion to the test, he also put on a textured sweater with lots of complex patterns.

Deep Fusion didn’t miss a beat.

Photos using Deep Fusion just look better. They come out richer with detail as some of the zoom-in shots show. In particular, complex details like the texture of his beard, eyelashes and the sweater come out more rich and true to life.

Stalman also shows a normal picture of Smart HDR on the iPhone 11 to truly show exactly how Deep Fusion improves the shot by gathering more granular information. It’s truly impressive stuff.

Additionally, Stalman confirms Deep Fusion photos have a larger file size. The iPhone XR Smart HDR photos created a 1.4MB HEIC file while the iPhone 11 Deep Fusion photos created a 2.6MB HEIC file.

We look forward to testing out the feature ourselves, but early samples show that Deep Fusion is as amazing as Apple said it was. Take a look at the samples and let us know what you think.

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Source of the article – iMore