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HomeKit newcomer Waciao is showing off tons of accessories at CES 2020

Initial debut covers all of the essentials.

What you need to know

  • Newcomer Waciao is showing off first HomeKit accessories at CES 2020.
  • Product lineup includes smart stapes such as motion sensors and lighting.
  • Release dates have not yet been shared.

CES 2020 is turning out to be quite the show for HomeKit, with accessory manufacturers using the stage to present tons of new devices hitting Apple’s smart home platform over the coming year. Newcomers to the scene, Waciao, which the company says is pronounced as “watch out”, has introduced a lineup of gear that provides all of the essentials.

In total, the Waciao has over 20 accessories in the works and on display on the company’s website. Starting things off is the Waciao Smart Gateway which houses a ZigBee radio required for connection to some, but not all of the company’s accessories.

Smart plugs, which are the staple of the smart home, are coming, including the Waciao Solo and Dual Smart Outlets, which offer the standard ability to toggle connected devices on and off remotely and via voice control.

For lighting, the company has a smart multi-color LED light bulb that provides up to 630 lumens of brightness. A suite of light switches will also be available in both North America and China, and provide options for single, double, and triple gang installations. Both the light bulb and light switches operate using Wi-Fi without the need for the company’s gateway. A separate Smart Scene Switch can also work to control lighting and other HomeKit scenes.

Waciao’s sensor lineup includes a smart motion sensor, air quality monitor, water leak sensor, and a temperature sensor that also reports humidity. Safety sensors were also revealed, which include both dedicated options for carbon monoxide and smoke detection.

Moving over to security accessories, a door sensor, smart video doorbell and a wireless indoor camera are in the works. Details surrounding the doorbell are non-existent at this point, but the indoor camera sports 2-way audio, night vision, local storage, and 1080p resolution.

Finally, the Waciao Smart Roller Window Blind is designed to work with existing beaded chain style blinds and window shades. The unit appears to work by installing a beaded chain into the motor housing, which will “manually” make adjustments to window coverings.

Waciao has not yet provided details as to when their accessories will be available for purchase, but several listings are already on the company’s website along with some pricing information.

Source of the article – iMore