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How many floors do you need to make Luigi’s Mansion 3 worth buying?

Best answer: There are a total of 17 floors in single-player mode in Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch. While there is a possibility of adding more floors, the developers don’t believe tacking on additional sections is necessary.

Where do these stairs go?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is finally here and we’re happy to report that there’s a lot to explore. What starts as a relaxing vacation quickly turns frightful, and it’s up to Luigi once again to save the day. Starting from the bottom, players must navigate Luigi through the ominous Last Resort Hotel, and that means 17 floors of ghost-busting to explore.

From the start, you won’t have access to the entire hotel as some playful spirits have made off with all the elevator buttons. Part of the game requires players to seek out these buttons to reach the top floor, and hopefully, find Luigi’s other Mushroom Kingdom pals. The floorplan of the Last Resort is huge, get comfy. You’ll be spending plenty of time exploring every nook and cranny of the hotel.

Will there be more floors in the future?

Right now, there are a total of 17 floors. During an interview with Luigi’s Mansion 3’s producer, Kensuke Tanabe, it appears that he was pretty certain no additional floors would be added. When asked about the possibility of adding on more floors and possible DLC, Tanabe said:

…it’s a hotel structure with multiple floors, I think it would have been possible to add even more floors. But, I think the hardest part of that is not necessarily the act of adding floors, but it’s like … the story is done, so by adding more floors, how are we going to expand that aspect? Because I want to experience completing the whole hotel and just feel satisfied that it’s done. Adding on new stuff is not really something that gives us that.

While it would be great to get more Luigi, it’s a bit refreshing to see developers take pride in finishing a story when it has reached its end. Tanabe’s focus seems to be on future titles, rather than cramming more content into one game.

Of course, we have titles like that in Nintendo too. Personally, I think there’s got to be a couple of content updates over time because it’s really fun. But I don’t feel like we need to necessarily do that with all of our titles. So, this is entirely based on my personality, but I’m someone who likes to finish something and then move on.

While there may not be any more additional floors in the future for the Last Resort, we still have 17 filled with spooky inhabitants to explore. So, get ghost-busting!

Fun frights

Luigi’s Mansion 3

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Busting ghosts

Our favorite green ghost wrangler is at again, but this time he has back-up. With his new pal, Gooigi, Luigi must put on his brave face to explore all 17 floors of the Last Resort hotel. Filled with puzzles, new game mechanics, and more than a few ghoulish laughs, play alone or with a friend to find the rest of your Mushroom Kingdom pals.

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