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How to make the Trans flag appear in the Converse Pride shoe creator

June is the month of Pride and that means it’s time to get ready for all the parades, marches, and celebrations. Everyone knows Converse is one of the best walking shoes can get your hands on, and the company has shown us its support by kicking up a Pride collection! Here’s how to get a trans flag to appear on your favorite style of Converse.

Where to find the shoes of your dreams

Make sure you pick the perfect fit for you! There are adult and kid sizes for both the High Tops and the Low Tops.

Don’t worry about the sizes just yet, you’ll be able to pick the size qualifications after you add the shoe to your cart.

Looking for the Trans Flag to appear on the bottom of your shoe?

Unfortunately, the Trans Flag appearing on the bottom of the shoe is only available on the Chuck 70 Pride High Top and the Chuck Taylor All Star PRide High Top. Both of these shoes are limited edition and have the bottoms of the shoes featured this way for the novelty.

Don’t you worry. Any of the Pride shoes you choose to customize will have the Pride flag on the bottom of them. It may not be the trans flag, but there are plenty of other options in the customizer to add the trans flag to other parts of your shoe.

How to create your own trans pride Converse

You can customize most of the Limited Edition Pride shoes to show the trans flag. Even if there isn’t one on the display image of the shoe, here’s how to put one there!

  1. Go to the webpage for the Converse Pride Collection here. You can also find it under the Custom tab on the top left corner.

  2. After selecting Custom, press the Pride option under the Featured section.
  3. Select Shop the Collection button at the center of the page.

  4. Now that you’re on the Pride Collection Page, select which Pride shoe you’d like to customize. Make sure it has a Custom mention on the top right of the image, otherwise you won’t be able to customize it.

  5. On the shop page of your selected shoe, press the Edit Deisgn button on the right-hand side. It’s above Add to Cart.

  6. You can change the inside and outside design of the shoe by editing the Inside Body and Outside Body options on the right. The two Pride-related options are Rainbow Stripes and Rainbow Bolts, both shown in the image below.

  7. The Heelstripe also has an option to add a Rainbow, Rainbow Bolts, or the Trans flag.

  8. Next, the Tongue has an option to add Rainbow Bolts as a print.

  9. You can even edit the Patch to represent the Trans flag or a Pride Patch.

  10. If you go to the Sidewall Print section you can add “True to you”, “Yes to love,” or a Rainbow flag to the side of your shoe. If you add the Rainbow flag it will remove the standard designs from the rubber of your shoes if there was one.

  11. Time to design your License Plate. By selecting the tab labeled License Plate you can have your shoe represent the Pride Colorway or the Trans Colorway.

  12. Finally, and completely optional, is the ability to add customized writing. To do this you want to select the Text option, which is the last one on the list.

  13. After you select Text you’ll need to select Text again at the next prompt.

  14. Here you’ll choose where you want your customized text to appear. If you opted into one of the pre-set designs from step 10, then you should select Outside Low Rear. Otherwise, it will take over the text you added earlier.
  15. Add in the text you want! Pronouns, a hopeful message, or whatever your heart desires.

  16. After you’ve decided your message, press the check button on the bottom right. Once you’re back in the customize menu, select which color you want!

Feel free to check out all the other customize options while you’re on the customize page. The ones mentioned here may be the only ones that have a specific Pride-related design, but you can always add more colors everywhere else on the shoe. Check out the one I designed below to see what I mean!

How to get the same look I found for Pride Converse

If you want to achieve the same look I have in the image above you’ll need to use the following customized options. I used the Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride High Top to get this look!

  1. Rainbow Stripes Print on both the Inside and Outside customize options.
  2. Gnarly Blue color on the Tongue customize option.
  3. Trans Print on the Heel Stripe customize option.
  4. Trans Gradient Binding on the Binding customize option.
  5. Gnarly Blue color on the Stitch customize option.
  6. Cherry Blossom on the Laces customize option.
  7. White on the eyelets customize option.
  8. Trans Patch Woven on the customize option.
  9. True to you on the Sidewall print customize option.
  10. Trans Colorway on the License Plate customize option.
  11. Your pronouns on the Text customize option.

All of the customizable shoes from the Pride collection feature the rainbow on the bottom of the shoe. As long as you’ve selected a shoe from the Pride collection you’ll have it too!

Be whoever you are

We’re all making statements here. A pair of shoes may seem insignificant, but it’s more about the meaning than the style.

Any of the shoes from the Converse Pride Collection are a perfect way to represent your position in the LGBTQ+ community. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ally or identify within the community, you can represent your Pride in a fun and creative way that you design yourself. When people ask where you got such cool kicks you can brag about how you designed them yourself and then promote your feelings on gay pride while you’re at it.

Throw on a pair of converse and stand up for what’s right. Show the world that love always wins.

Since you’re going to be ordering a pair of shoes with a lot of meaning, you want to make sure you take good care of them— and your feet. You’ll need a Shoe Cleaning Kit that’s gentle enough to not ruin the design, an insole for added comfort, and a good pair of socks to protect your feet from sweating. Keep your shoes alive longer with great care!

Our favorite Converse Sneakers

Nothing can beat an old fashioned All Star Chuck Taylor!

High Top

Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride

Adults – $80 at Converse
Kids – $60 at Converse

More room, more design.

The High Top design offers a little more support for your ankles, as well as a bit more room to display your customized design. The canvas isn’t all that stretchy on the ankles and that means you’ll need to actually untie and tie your shoes each time you dress, but you’ll never regret your choice of style!

Low Top

Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride

Adults – $80 at Converse
Kids – $60 at Converse

Easier for everyday use.

The Low Top design of the All Star Converse is perfect for your quick get-up-and-go needs. Since there isn’t much canvas around the ankles these shoes are perfect to slip in and out of in a hurry!

The 50th anniversary of Pride is here, and so is the new Pride Collection by Converse. Take advantage of the ever-popular High Top Chuck Taylor and customize it to your every desire for no added cost! That’s right, the price of these shoes already have the fees for the customizing options included. There’s literally no reason for you to not take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Everything you need for your favorite pair of shoes

Take care of your shoes and your feet with these amazing products!

Sneaker LAB Complete Shoe Cleaning Kit

$25 at Amazon

This cleaning kit is safe for canvas, leather, suede, nubuck, knit, and mesh shoes. It comes with a cleaning solution as well as a protection solution to prevent more dirt build-up. There’s even an odor protection spray for the inside of your shoes and a brush to make the job easier!

Dr. Scholl’s Fitness Walking Insoles

$14 at Amazon

If you’re known for having foot pains it’s likely due to you needing extra support on your feet. Dr. Scholl’s Fitness Walking was specifically designed for intense walking, making it perfect for all of the festivals and parades you have plans to attend!

Nike Performance Low Rise Socks

$17 at Amazon

Nike Performance socks are perfect to protect your feet from sweat when you’re going out to all the festivals and parades you have planned!

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