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I can’t decide which crazy good headphone deal to get — they’re all so good

From Powerbeats Pro to Bose QC 35 II, the discounts make it hard to decide which headphones to buy.

I may or may not be turning into a headphone junky. I’ve already got about a half a dozen pairs, but here I am looking at these incredibly good Black Friday deals and thinking about buying more. I’ve always wanted to see just how pro the Beats Studio3 headphones are, and former iMore managing editor, Serenity Caldwell raved about how comfortable the Bose QC 35 headphones are. Plus, with Christmas right around the corner, I’m thinking about getting a pair of Powerbeats Pro for my mom (hope she’s not reading this right now!).

The Bose QC 35 II headphones in rose gold are $100 off today. If you’ve had your eye on a pair (and don’t mind pink) this is an incredibly good deal. If you’re not a fan of rose gold, you can get them in black or silver for $30 more, still a good price.

Comfort King

Bose QC 35 II

$249 at Amazon

The most comfortable active noise-canceling over-ear headphones on the market.

If comfort is key, Bose’s pillow-soft QCs win the day in every way. At $100 off, you can finally afford a pair!

In my opinion, the Beats Studio3 over-ear headphones are more stylish. They also come in a wide variety of colors. With Studio3, Beats added Apple’s W1 chip, so you have the same seamless connectivity between Apple devices and built-in Siri support. They’re normally $350 but for the rest of today, you can get them in a variety of colors for $280.

Fashion forward

Beats Studio3

$280 at Amazon

Look good and listen great.

Style is important, especially when it’s sitting on your head, and Beats has an iconic brand that turn heads. You can’t get any better than $70 off.

I’m also eyeing these Bowers & Wilkins PX5 headphones, which are $50 off today. These are on-ear headphones, which I personally prefer because my head is already small enough and over-ear headphones just make me look funny. B&W is known for making studio-quality luxury headphones. Seriously. I’ve seen them in quite a few recording studios that I’ve been in. They only come in blue or space gray (interesting that they use the same color description as Apple), but both colors are on sale today.

Audiophile choice


$249 at Amazon

The headphone choice of professionals.

B&W provides arguably the best-quality of sound in any headphones and the PX5 on-ear ANC headphones are a perfect match for your taste.

My actual favorite pair of in-ear headphones in 2019 were Powerbeats Pro, that is until AirPods Pro came out. I still love them. They’re comfortable, sound incredible, and have passive noise canceling. I often switch between AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro, using the latter when I don’t need ANC. At only $200 on sale today, I can buy a few pairs for family. All available colors — navy, moss, ivory, and black — are included in the Black Friday sale, so you can pick your favorite.

Fitness fav

Powerbeats Pro

$200 at Amazon

Superb sound and quality comfort.

Powerbeats Pro are nearly perfect. I absolutely love them. At $50 off, I’ll be buying a few pairs for my family.

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