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Instagram is testing phone vibrations when you like posts

What you need to know

  • Instagram is testing a new vibration when users like posts.
  • The feature isn’t live in any of Instagram’s apps yet.
  • People already don’t seem to like it.

How much vibration is too much vibration?

Instagram is testing a new feature that will see phones vibrate when a user likes a post, according to a discovery by well-known reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong (via 9to5Mac).

Facebook already offers a similar feature and it appears it might make the jump to Instagram, too.

However, as with so many things, it seems the move isn’t one that’s being uniersally welcomed online. Looking through the responses to those tweets it’s clear people don’t want their phones to vibrate constantly. Multiple people hope that there’s an option to enable and disable the feature and that seems like the most obvious course of action here. Whether that’s additional work Instagram will want to put in is another matter, however.

Apple’s guidelines on using vibrations – also known as haptics – are clear. Don’t over-use them

Avoid overusing a haptic. Sometimes a haptic can feel just right when experienced occasionally, but become tiresome when it’s experienced frequently. In general, avoid designing an experience that yields extended or repetitive haptic feedback. Often, the best haptic experience is one that people may not be conscious of, but miss when it’s turned off.

It’s possible this feature will never ship, though. App developers test tons of things that don’t make their way into final releases. Who knows, this might be another example of that and all those dissenting tweets will have been for nothing.

Source of the article – iMore