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Is the Withings Move waterproof?

Best answer: The Withings move is rated to withstand the pressure of up to a depth 50 meters (164 feet); however, there are a few stipulations you should know.

Simple rules water rules

The Withings Move is an amazing fitness tracking watch with an inexpensive price tag. While the low cost is a plus, that doesn’t mean you want to replace it because of water damage. Luckily, the Move is has been tested and is more than ready for a few laps around the pool. However, you may run into problems should you try it in other situations.

Avoid salt water

While fresh water should be no problem for your Withings Move, salt water is a different story. Salt water is exceptionally corrosive to electronics, and most water-resistant devices are tested in fresh water, not salt water. Withings says its best to avoid salt water contact if at all possible, especially prolonged exposure, which means you likely shouldn’t take the Withings Move to your the beach.

If your Withings Move does come in contact with salt water, the best practice is to rinse it with fresh water to get rid of any salt that may be clinging to the device, and then dab dry with a soft microfiber cloth or towel.

No steam rooms or saunas

If you’re swimming laps in the pool, your Withings Move will gladly track your progress, but if you plan on hitting the sauna or steam room after your workout, it’s best to remove your Withings Move before entering.

Withings specifically warns people from taking the Move into steam rooms and saunas citing them as an “extreme atmosphere.” Likely, it’s because the Move has been tested with the heat and humidity of those environments, so keep your Move out of them, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t press the button

Once again, the Withings Move can withstand the pressure of water up to 50 meters deep; however, pressing the button on the side of your Withings Move while its underwater could cause trouble.

It’s best to avoid pressing the button while using the Withings Move submerged altogether, which means if you want to activate the Connect GPS feature, you should do so before you go swimming and only turn it off after you’re out of the pool.

Safe up to 50 meters

Withings Move

$70 at Amazon

A stylish tracker for people who like to get wet

Not only is the Withings Move an inexpensive activity tracker that you can take into the pool, but it also can track your swimming workout, so you can know exactly how you’re progressing towards your goals.

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