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It’s easy to set the scene with your HomeKit accessories

Scenes are easy to set up and can do multiple things at once with your various HomeKit accessories.

Ever wish that you can control multiple HomeKit accessories at once with just a single tap or shout to Siri? Well you’re in luck, as you can do just that using custom scenes that you create in the Home app. With just a few simple steps, you can set the stage for your next big movie night that dims your lights, closes your blinds, and fires up your TV. Here’s how to get started with scenes.

How to create a scene in the Home app

  1. Launch the Home app.
  2. Tap the Add Button in the top right corner of the screen (looks like a plus sign).
  3. Tap Add Scene.

  4. Type in a Name for your scene.
    • You can also assign a different icon for your scene by tapping on the Home icon next to the name.
  5. Tap Add Accessories.
  6. Tap on the Accessories that you wish to add to your scene.

  7. Tap Done.
  8. Long press (Haptic Touch) the Accessories in your scene to change additional settings such as brightness.
  9. Tap Done.

    • Tapping “Test This Scene” will give you an in-person preview of your scene.
    • Use the “Add Accessories” option to add any additional devices that you may have missed.

That is all there is to it! Now that your scene is built, you can assign it as a favorite, giving you quick access to it either in the Home app, or in Control Center. You can set is as a favorite when creating your scene, or you can set it afterwards by following our guide here.

How to set your favorite scenes and accessories in Home app

If you want to take scenes even further, then try your hand at combining them with automations. Automations can run entirely on their own based on certain conditions, such as time, or accessory state. This gives you the ability to run a favorite scene that consists of your outdoor lights at sunset every day, which is just all sorts of magical when it takes effect.

Need some help setting up an automation? We have got you covered with another handy how to that can help put you on the right path.

How to create automations and scenes in the iOS Home app

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