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LAUT Travel Adapter review: All-in-one worldwide USB charger

This little cube has you covered in over 150 countries including the U.S., UK, Australia, and all over Europe.

If you’re traveling between countries, you usually need to bring several different chargers or adapters with you. No more. With this one little cube, you can charge up to two USB devices plus any electrical device you want to plug in, such as a hair dryer or just another charger in over 150 countries.

LAUT Travel Adapter

Price: $25

Bottom line: The LAUT Travel Adapter works in over 150 countries, including the U.S., the UK, Europe, and Australia.

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The Good

  • Universal worldwide charger
  • Two USB ports
  • Can also charge other electric devices
  • U.S., UK, Europe, and Australia plugs
  • Over 150 countries covered

The Bad

  • Not every country in the world included

Universal Worldwide Charger

LAUT Travel Adapter: Features

On a previous trip to Europe years ago, I had to bring several separate charger adapters. I needed one for each of my devices, for each country I was visiting. Since I was traveling to both the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, I ended up bringing a whole bag of charger adapters. The LAUT Travel Adapter puts an end to all of that. I brought it along on my recent trip from my home in the U.S. to my vacation in England and Scotland.

It’s a relatively small cube that fits in the palm of my hand. It has two 2.4A USB-A ports, perfect for my iPhone and my Apple Watch charging cables. Toggle a switch on one side, and a Europe plug pops out. A slider on the other side of the cube toggles between the UK and the U.S./Australia plug. Oddly, the U.S./Australia plug is slightly angled, which is what the Australian plugs look like, but it does indeed fit into my U.S. outlets here at home. It somehow splits the difference between the two shapes. The UK plug is just that; when you slide the toggle that direction, two prongs pop out. The third prong must be pulled out manually, which I figured out when I got to the UK and couldn’t understand why the plug wasn’t fitting. Once I pulled out the third prong, it worked beautifully.

Charge up to three devices at once in over 150 countries around the world.

In addition to the two USB-A ports, there are also outlets on the top of the cube compatible with each of the popular prongs: U.S., UK, Europe, and Australia. This allows you to plug in your curling iron or whatever from home. My kids plugged their U.S. phone chargers in there while I was using the USB ports for my iPhone and Apple Watch.

The LAUT Travel Adapters also has a built-in fuse (plus a spare) and an LED indicator. As for power specifications, the input is DC 5V- 1A (max). The AC maximum output is 6A/250VAC. The USB maximum output is 2.4A/5VDC. I’m not an expert on electricity, but everything we plugged in there, up to three iPhones at a time, charged and operated just fine.

Super convenient

LAUT Travel Adapter: What I like

I definitely preferred bringing this one little cube on my vacation over a bag full of adapters. Ok, technically I had to bring two chargers, since I brought my iPad Pro and had to charge that as well. But this was a great space-saver. Frankly, I’m surprised the LAUT adapter made it home with me since my kids tend to steal my best chargers.

Not all-inclusive

LAUT Travel Adapter: What I don’t like

Before you purchase any travel adapter, you need to research what kind of outlets you can expect at your destination. While this one covers over 150 countries, there are plenty of countries that aren’t covered.

Worth the space in my bag

LAUT Travel Adapter: Bottom line

4.5 out of 5

This sweet little cube worked great for me on my recent vacation to England and Scotland. I was able to charge my Apple Watch and my iPhone in the two USB-A ports, and a third plug on top meant that I could also power or charge a third device at the same time. While it’s not quite universal and won’t work in every country, it does work in over 150 countries including the U.S., UK, Australia, and all over Europe.

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