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Listen to The Japanese House’s new single on Apple Music

Image: The Japanese House

What you need to know

  • The Japanese House released a new hit single “Something Has to Change.”
  • The single was highlighted by Apple Music on Twitter.
  • It is the first single off the upcoming EP set to be released in November.

Listen to “Something Has to Change” on Apple Music.

Earlier this year, indie act The Japanese House released its first major album, Good At Feeling. But if you thought it would slow down the flow of new music, you were wrong. The Japanese House is back with a new hit single.

In case you are unfamiliar with The Japanese House, it’s not a band as the name suggests but a solo act Amber Bain. He hails from Great Britain and has been manning this project since 2015.

“Something Has to Change” is the first new single off its upcoming new EP of the same name that will come out in November. Apple Music likes to spotlight artists on Twitter, and it did so with The Japanese House.

The single is an upbeat anthem that is a great follow up to its last music that was more contemplative and atmospheric. It has a strong synth backdrop with catchy lyrics.

If you haven’t given The Japanese a shot, give “Something Has to Change” a listen on Apple Music. It might end up being your new favorite musical act.

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