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Luminar 3 photo editing software is just $29 today

In the age of the smartphone, everyone likes to think of themselves as a professional photographer. But the truth is that there’s a huge gap between professional-level photography and even the savviest smartphone snapper, especially when it comes to editing.

Luminar 3 makes it easier than ever to bridge that gap by allowing you to quickly and easily create mind-blowing images using cutting-edge photography software, and it’s currently available for over 55% off at just $29.

With a series of powerful and intuitive tools, this award-winning software allows you to professionally create and edit photos on the fly.

You’ll be able to use the renowned Accent AI 2.0 technology in order to make dozens of pro-level adjustments to your photos using a single slider, apply adjustments to individual faces using human-aware recognition technology, enhance your photos to bring out the ideal lighting with a single click, and much more.

Don’t settle for subpar edits. Luminar 3 makes it easy to apply pro-level editing and enhancement to all of your photos, and it’s currently available for just $29—over 55% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

Source of the article – iMore