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Mac Pro incoming? Apple tells technicians how to put it into DFU mode

What you need to know

  • The Mac Pro was announced at WWDC.
  • We still don’t know when it will arrive.
  • Apple has updated the Mac Configuration Utility with details on the new Mac Pro.

Could it finally be ready for release?

When Apple announced the new Mac Pro during WWDC in June it saw the end of months of speculation. But all that happened was the speculation then turned to when the new Mac would go on sale. Now we have the clearest sign yet that it might happen soon.

MacRumors cites an anonymous source when it says that the Mac Configuration Utility app – used by technicians in Apple Stores and the like – has been updated to cover putting the Mac Pro into DFU mode. That’s the Device Firmware Upgrade mode that faulty machines need to be put into in order to allow detailed diagnostics and restoration actions to take place.

Apple today updated its Mac Configuration Utility for authorized technicians with instructions on how to place the new Mac Pro in DFU mode, according to a reliable source. For existing Macs, this software is used to pair components like the logic board to the Apple T2 security chip after a repair is completed.

The same source says that the most likely reason for the update is that the new Mac Pro is set to be released soon.

The 2019 Mac Pro is a complete redesign of the highest of high-end Macs. It features a modular design, unlike the previous model, and will likely be at the heart of many design and video studios. It isn’t a machine most people need, but those that do are itching to place their orders.

Hopefully this news means they’ll be able to flex that Apple Card pretty soon.

Source of the article – iMore