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Monday’s top deals: smart lights, wireless chargers, & much more

Paying full price is not something that many people want to do, and if you like saving money, you’ve come to the right place. Save some cash and get some goodies today!

Lights, plugs, and more

Sylvania Lighting Products One Day Sale

Whether you’re looking for some regular bulbs, smart lights, or even a smart plug for your existing lamp, this one-day sale has you covered on some highly-rated Sylvania products.

Up to 70% Off

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Sylvania has been around for quite some time, and it’s known for making great products. Today’s sale slashes the pricing big time on a variety of products from smart plugs and bulbs, to regular bulbs, LED strips, and more. Getting into the smart home space can be expensive and addictive, but buying in during sales like this makes it easier to expand it beyond a single room of your home.

Now that you’ve lit up your whole home, it’s time to fill it with some other great deals.

Games galore!

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass gives gamers access to play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One console for just a low monthly cost of $9.99. It’s like Netflix but for games. Right now, picking up a three-month Xbox Game Pass membership there for $29.99 will score you another three-month membership at no extra charge. That means you’ll be paying $5 per month to access any of the games on the service. The deal’s valid for new, returning, and current subscribers.

$29.99 at Amazon

Who needs wires?

Anker 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Clipping the 10% off coupon that’s listed on the product page brings this charger down to its lowest price yet. You’ll want one for your office, nightstand, and living room, so be sure to load up!

$12.59 at Amazon

Charged Up

Aukey PA-U48 4-port USB Wall Charger

With all the devices in our houses these days, it’s helpful to have a USB charger that can power up more than one at a time. Using code UGOHGU9M will save you 20% on this 4-port version from Aukey. You’ll likely one to grab one of these for at home and one for the office. End the days of arguing over who gets to charge their device, and charge up everyone at the same time.

$15.99 at Amazon

Protect yourself


VPN’s are super important these days and help keep your browsing sessions secured. If you’re looking to try one out and aren’t quite sure which one to go with, we highly recommend this option.

$99.95 at ExpressVPN

For all speakers

Amazon Echo Input

You don’t need to pay a lot to add smarts to your existing speakers at home. Amazon’s Echo Input brings voice control and the best of Alexa right to your favorite speakers in just a few seconds. After the install, you’ll be able to begin music playback, have basic questions answered, and more without needing to touch your phone. Paired with a great set of speakers, this is a no brainer.

$19.99 at Amazon

Keep Watch

eufyCam E Wireless Home Security Camera System

This home security system comes with three of Eufy’s wire-free cameras as well as its required Base station. The cameras are even capable of being used outside. Just make sure to use code EUFYUBPL to snag this offer. We’ve never seen them drop this low in the past, so don’t let yourself miss out.

$399.99 at Amazon

This is just a small sampling of the deals that the Thrifter team has uncovered today. If you want to keep up with everything that the crew is uncovering, be sure to follow Thrifter on Twitter and sign up for the daily deals newsletter so you never miss out on anything!

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