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Nanoleaf unveils a smart light that’s actually smart

Nanoleaf Learning Series ditches complicated setups and automates the process.

What you need to know

  • Nanoleaf Learning Series is designed to minimize the use of apps, voice assistants, and routines.
  • These new lights and fixtures are designed to learn from your behavior and preference without the need for intervention.
  • A new hexagonal shape launches this summer and allows for completely custom layouts, colors, and lighting shapes.

The concept of a smart, connected lightbulb is really cool. Changing colors, turning bulbs on and off with your voice, and even pairing up lighting changes based on the time of day or to sync up with other electronics is amazing. But I’d be willing to bet the entire process is considerably more complicated than most people are willing to put up with, and the work needed to sync everything up can be daunting. That’s why Nanoleaf invented the Learning Series, a set of smart lights that automates all this stuff and removes the need for apps, scheduling, voice commands, and other manual processes.

The Nanoleaf Learning Series is a suite of products that connect and react to one another, all without needing user interaction or intervention. Nanoleaf’s U-IQ technology utilizes a network of sensors and a proprietary learning algorithm that’s designed to learn from your preferences and behavior to deliver light the way you want it, when you want it. The fact that Nanoleaf is specifically marketing these lights as a sort of “anti-smart” bulb shows just how different their concept for an actual “smart” series of lights truly is.

Aside from some new, important concepts is a line of interoperable Unified Light Panels. This new line of Unified Hexagons features shape interconnectivity and are touch-reactive, which opens up the ability to form custom shapes in a way that previous Nanoleaf configurations didn’t. These lights are low profile and can change color and brightness to fit your preference and decor, just as existing Nanoleaf lights can, but fit in with the new Learning Series concept. Nanoleaf Hexagons are planning to launch in Summer 2020 and can be pre-ordered here.

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