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Niantic’s Harry Potter Wizards Unite starts beta testing in New Zealand

Niantic has launched the beta testing phase for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but only for New Zealanders right now.

If you’re a witch or wizard in New Zealand, good news! You’re invited to participate in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta. To do so, just search for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app in the New Zealand App Store, or click here for a direct link to the game on Google Play.

This beta test is only available in New Zealand right now, and the point is to test the game and provide feedback to improve the overall game experience for everyone when it’s released globally later on.

From early looks of the beta, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game features the same map-based gameplay as Pokémon Go. However, instead of catching pocket monsters, you’ll be casting spells with your phone and collecting magical artifacts that must be returned to the wizarding world before the Muggles find them. We’re talking about forces that Muggles just won’t understand, so it’s up to you and friends to keep magic safe from prying eyes.

Other initial details for the game include different styles for your avatar to coordinate with each Hogwarts house, and both Hagrid and Hermione seem to play some part in the game’s story. There are Ministry-issued badges, and all spellcasting is done by tracing shapes on your phone’s screen.

If you’re eager for more updates about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, make sure to sign up at WizardsUnite.com. You can also pre-register on Google Play. Unfortunately, iPhone users must wait a bit longer to pre-register for the game. We’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

As avid fans of Pokémon Go and Harry Potter, we’re excited to see how Harry Potter: Wizards Unite turns out. Pokémon Go is the first AR game that truly gained traction, so hopefully, the same fanbase can help put Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on the map.

Source of the article – iMore