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One of Apple Card’s best benefits is no foreign transaction fees

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Whenever you are traveling abroad, it’s pretty common to want to use a credit card over a debit card for all of your spending. Using a credit card has obvious security perks like protecting your bank account from being drained if someone was to steal or gain access to your card information, providing certain types of insurance like travel, rental car, and accident insurance, and having access to concierge and emergency travel services.

One of the worst things about using a credit card abroad is, after enjoying an incredible trip, coming back to find a credit card statement filled with not just your purchases, but a foreign transaction fee for each and every time you swiped your card. The foreign transaction fee is one of the most diabolical fees that credit card companies charge for no other reason than that they can. Swiping your card abroad doesn’t cost credit card companies any more than if you swiped it at home, but it is a fee that they’ve been able to get away with for decades.

However, there are a number of credit cards that, as consumers became more aware of the lack of necessity of this fee, have thankfully removed it. Apple isn’t bothering with this fee at all and is coming right out of the gate with no foreign transaction fees for Apple Card. This is a great move and is ultimately the right thing to do for consumers. As Apple Pay makes its way to more countries, Apple Card will become even more enticing as a card to use anywhere since it will earn cardholders 2% on all purchases, not to mention those rewards will be available the next day with Daily Cash.

However, this is the only benefit that Apple Card has concerning travel so far. It is currently lacking any of the additional benefits that are found on plenty of other travel credit cards. If you’re looking for things like concierge services, emergency services, or insurances, you’re going to have to look elsewhere for now. These are of course all things that could be added eventually, but Apple is omitting these at least at card launch.

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