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Otter + Pop case for iPhone now available for purchase (finally)!

Get the ultimate in protection with the ultimate in usefulness in one, practically perfect case.

One of my favorite announcements from CES 2019 was the Otter + Pop case, a collaboration with OtterBox and PopSocket and not just because the case is called Otter + Pop (pronounce it Otter Pop). I love PopSockets. They’re useful, inexpensive, and double as a fidget toy. But, they also stick out a bit too far on the back of my phone, so I can’t easily slide it into my pocket.

The Otter + Pop combines the durability and reliability of the OtterBox brand with an even more useful way to use a PopSocket. The case is designed with a divot on the back, so the PopSocket lays more flush with the phone than just sticking one on the back.

It’s been months since OtterBox showed off these fantastic little cases, I was starting to wonder whether they’d ever make it to market (like so many other long, lost cool CES gadgets). Finally, today, OtterBox announced availability for the Otter + Pop.

You can get the Otter + Pop in the Symmetry or Defender Series for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in black, “Mauveolous,” Lilac Dusk, and Nebula (which is a sort of night sky Milky Way galaxy sort of design.

Each case comes with a matching PopSocket, but you can buy separate replacement PopSockets in a number of fun designs (like llamas or donuts with sprinkles) for $8.

Two-in-one fun

Otter + Pop

Symmetry series from $58
Defender series from $60

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Otter + Pop combines two delicious accessories into one great case.

If you’re a fan of PopSockets, but don’t like that they stick out of the back of your phone, you should check out Otter + Pop. Using OtterBox’s most popular and protective cases, you can stretch and collapse your PopSocket to your heart’s desire.

Source of the article – iMore