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Otterbox’s new screen protector can fight germs

Developed in partnership with Corning.

What you need to know

  • Otterbox has announced its new Amplify Glass screen protector with antimicrobial technology.
  • The new Amplify screen protectors have antimicrobial technology embedded in the glass.
  • It means your screen protector can fight germs, whilst retaining Otterbox’s strong protective qualities of old.

Otterbox has announced its new Amplify screen protector, which has antimicrobial technology embedded into the glass to help fight off germs.

Unveiled today, January 6 at Pepcom, the new Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial was developed in partnership with Corning. A press release states:

For something that we put against our faces on a daily basis, our smartphones are shockingly packed with microbes. OtterBox and Corning are showcasing an enhanced Amplify Glass screen protection line with EPA-registered antimicrobial technology.1

“We use our phones every day and take them with us wherever we go, including to some not entirely sanitary spaces,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “Amplify Glass now features proprietary anti-microbial technology that suppresses the growth of several common stains and odor-causing bacteria to protect the surface of the screen protector, so you don’t have to give phone grime a second thought.”

The antimicrobial property of Amplify screen protectors is embedded into the glass so it is able to maintain its damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity.

The Amplify screen protector has up to five-times greater scratch resistance than other glass protection. More importantly, the embedded anti-microbial technology means that as of right now, its the only EPA-registered smartphone screen protector on the market.

The technology is based around ionic silver, embedded in the glass of the screen protector. This results in long-lasting protection from germs that doesn’t degrade over time. And since it’s embedded in the glass, there’s no compromise to protection either.

The Otterbox Amplify Glass screen protector with anti-microbial technology will be available soon from Otterbox.

Source of the article – iMore