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Pokémon 809 Melmetal

Name: Melmetal (Japanese: メルメタル Melmetal)

Classification: Hex Nut Pokémon

Type: Steel

Generation: Gen VII Alola Region

Gender Ratio: Genderless


  • 8′ 2″ (Melmetal)
  • 82’+ (Giganitmax)


  • 1763.7 lbs (Melmetal)
  • ??? lbs (Gigantimax)


  • Evolves from Meltan with 400 Candies in Pokémon Go.
  • Cannot be evolved in core games.

Alternate Formes:

  • Gigantimax

How to catch in Sword/Shield:

How to catch in Go:

Description: Much larger than its previous form Meltan, most of Melmetal’s body is still comprised of a silvery, liquid metal.It has several more hex nut shaped structures on its body, most of which are grey. These hex nuts encircle Melmetal’s shoulders, elbows, hands, and feet. The golden hex nut that serves as its head is not firmly seated in another golden hex nut that wraps around its neck. It retains the small red wire like tail that its previous form had, as well as the black sphere that serves as its eye.

Melmetal is, like Meltan, a mythical Pokémon. It was believed to be extinct for 3,000 years. It was believed to be worshipped by humans in the past and rewarded their worship with unique tools and metal creations. Although it is still made of liquid metal, it can harden its body to the extent of having the most powerful punch of all Pokémon.

Melmetal also has a Gigantimax form that is not yet available in the core games. More grey hex nuts move to its hands and feet, forming fingers and toes. Its entire body elongates, leaving a hex nut shaped hole in its stomach and liquid metal spilling over its golden hex nuts. Its tail also gets longer, connecting up to its back. While Giganitmaxed, Melmetal can shoot massive electric beams from its stomach, vaporizing any opponent. It is unknown how this Giganitmax form will be introduced to Sword and Shield at this time.

Core Games

Melmetal in the core games

  • Sword Pokédex: At the end of its life-span, Melmetal will rust and fall apart. The small shards left behind will eventually be reborn as Meltan.
  • Shield Pokédex: Centrifugal force is behind the punches of Melmetal’s heavy hex-nut arms. Melmetal is said to deliver the strongest punches of all Pokémon.

Base Stats

  • 135 HP
  • 143 Attack
  • 143 Defense
  • 80 Sp. Attack
  • 65 Sp. Defense
  • 34 Speed
  • 600 Total

Moves by Level

  • Thunder Punch (lv 1)
  • Thunder Shock (lv 1)
  • Harden (lv 1)
  • Tail Whip (lv 1)
  • Headbutt (lv 1)
  • Thunder Punch (Evo)
  • Thunder Wave (lv 24)
  • Acid Armor (lv 32)
  • Flash Cannon (lv 40)
  • Mega Punch (lv 48)
  • Protect (lv 56)
  • Discharge (lv 64)
  • Dynamic Punch (lv 72)
  • Superpower (lv 80)
  • Double Iron Bash (lv 88)
  • Hyper Beam (lv 96)

Moves by TM/TR

  • TM00 Mega Punch
  • TM01 Mega Kick
  • TM04 Ice Punch
  • TM05 Thunder Punch
  • TM08 Hyper Beam
  • TM09 Giga Impact
  • TM11 Solar Beam
  • TM14 Thunder Wave
  • TM20 Self-Destruct
  • TM21 Rest
  • TM22 Rock Slide
  • TM24 Snore
  • TM25 Protect
  • TM39 Facade
  • TM43 Brick Break
  • TM48 Rock Tomb
  • TM76 Round
  • TM90 Electric Terrain
  • TM97 Brutal Swing
  • TR01 Body Slam
  • TR05 Ice Beam
  • TR08 Thunderbolt
  • TR09 Thunder
  • TR20 Substitute
  • TR26 Endure
  • TR27 Sleep Talk
  • TR39 Superpower
  • TR46 Iron Defense
  • TR52 Gyro Ball
  • TR70 Flash Cannon
  • TR74 Iron Head
  • TR79 Heavy Slam
  • TR93 Darkest Lariat
  • TR94 High Horsepower
  • TR99 Body Press

Moves by Tutoring

  • Steel Beam

Damaged normally by

  • Ghost 1×
  • Water 1×
  • Electric 1×
  • Dark 1×

Weak to

  • Fighting 2×
  • Ground 2×
  • Fire 2×

Immune to

  • Poison

Resistant to

  • Normal ½×
  • Flying ½×
  • Rock ½×
  • Bug ½×
  • Steel ½×
  • Grass ½×
  • Psychic ½×
  • Ice ½×
  • Dragon ½×
  • Fairy ½×


  • Sword Pokédex: In a distant land, there are legends about a cyclopean giant. In fact, the giant was a Melmetal that was flooded with Gigantamax energy.
  • Shield Pokédex: It can send electric beams streaking out from the hole in its belly. The beams’ tremendous energy can vaporize an opponent in one shot.

Pokémon Go

Melmetal in Pokémon Go

Pokédex: Revered long ago for its capacity to create iron from nothing, for some reason it has come back to life after 3,000 years

Egg Distance: N/A

Buddy Distance: 20 KM

Base Stats

  • 264 Stamina
  • 226 Attack
  • 190 Defense


  • Fast Attacks: Thunder Shock
  • Charged Attacks: Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, Superpower

Shiny: Yes

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