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Pokémon Go: Another Looming Shadows Update

Pokémon Go’s Professor Willow and Mystic Team Leader Blanche had an encounter with Team Go Rocket leader Cliff!

What you need to know

  • Testing with the new Rocket Radar got off to a rocky start.
  • Despite an encounter with Team Go Rocket leader Cliff, Professor Willow decided not to engage in battle.
  • More character development of both Cliff and the Mystic Team Leader continues to fill in the previously lacking Pokémon Go story.

Yet another Willow Report has dropped and things are really getting exciting in the Pokémon Go world. As we previously reported, Pokémon Go’s Professor Willow has been updating the community on new Mysterious Components that Team Go Rocket Grunts have been dropping as of late. Bringing in the Leader of Team Mystic, he developed a Rocket Radar that he hopes will be able to track down Team Go Rocket headquarters, their Leaders and perhaps even the Head of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni himself. Unfortunately, this first test did not go smoothly. The Rocket Radar had them wandering seemingly aimless from one random Pokéstop to the next. However, much to their surprise, a Team Go Rocket Leader approached them. Cliff warned that they were encroaching upon Team Go Rocket’s territory and, in a moment of unexpected kindness, told them to retreat. Professor Willow made the call to do just that but plans to regroup and reassess their next approach.

While this update means little in the current gameplay, it does represent a move towards a more engaging storyline, a critical aspect to the core games that has been missing from Pokémon Go. In addition to giving players something to look forward to, this update also did more to flesh out both Cliff and Team Mystic’s leader, Blanche. To those paying close attention, the English version of this update once again avoided gendered pronouns for Blanche. While there are some countries in which Blanche is referred to with gendered pronouns, the English version has always avoided doing so. A small sign of gender nonconforming representation, this update continued to use “they/their” pronouns for Blanche. The Team Go Rocket Leader, Cliff also saw a bit of character development to go along with the images that had been shared. Despite his intimidating look and high position in a clearly evil organization, Cliff was gentle with the Professor and Blanche, giving them the chance to retreat instead of diving into a conflict.

What do you think of the Looming Shadows storyline? Do you have any theories about what will come next? Drop us a comment and keep an eye out! We’ll keep you updated on this developing story!



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