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Pokémon Go: Details for Team Go Rocket Incoming

Niantic has updated the Looming Shadows storyline with another message from Professor Willow.

What you need to know

  • An update from Professor Willow confirms the potential use for Mysterious Components to track down Team Go Rocket.
  • Players will need to collect and combine multiple Mysterious Components to make a map to use against Team Go Rocket.
  • The Map or Rocket Radar is theorized to lead to Team Go Rocket Leaders or even Giovanni himself.

Another update has dropped to the developing Looming Shadows storyline in Pokémon Go, building more hype and confirming some details. As speculated before, the Mysterious Components dropped by Team Go Rocket Grunts will be able to be combined to create what Professor Willow has named a Rocket Radar. This radar will work like a map to track down Team Go Rocket leaders or even the head of the nefarious organization, Giovanni himself. Professor Willow promised to continue his research and to work with the Pokémon Go Team Leaders to continue developing Rocket Radar.

What does this mean for players, beyond excitement at the detailed storyline promised with this update? Well, we don’t know for certain how the Mysterious Components will work or even if this storyline will be part of a limited event, a Special Research or even a permanent feature added to the game. However, thanks to data miners on Reddit we do know that several more bits of code related to Team Go Rocket were added in the latest update. These include more Team Go Rocket memebers, including Executives Cliff, Arlo and Sierra, maps, decoys, curfews on Team Go Rocket Pokéstops and even Giovanni himself.




Who is your favorite Team Go Rocket Executive?

While Pokémon Go is currently hosting a Halloween Event and will start the Colossal Event immediately after, there is no saying that the Looming Shadows update won’t drop during current events. However, if Niantic waits until the conclussion of these two events, we won’t see the Looming Shadows update until after November 4th.

How excited are you for this new storyline? Have any theories about Looming Shadows? Whose your favorite of the three executives? Drop us a comment below and keep tuned in for the latest Pokémon Go news!



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