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Pokémon Go is temporarily down — here’s what to do

Can’t get Pokemon Go to load? Nothing there when you get in? Everything frozen? Here’s what’s going on!

November 28, 2019: Intermittent freezes make for a sad Thanksgiving for some

So many holiday revelers are taking their day off to catch ’em all that it looks like the servers are currently taking a pounding. So, if things are slow, if text or objects aren’t rendering, or if anything else is not working the way it should, just keep on keeping on and hopefully Niantic will have it all fixed up asap.

Ugh, Pokémon Go is down again — What should you do?

Don’t delete the Pokémon Go app and re-download thinking it will get you back playing faster. All it will do is force you to enter your account name and password over and over again until the servers are back online, making it harder for you to check and see if it’s working. Just be patient, wait, and try again every so often.

Why are the Pokémon Go servers down again and why can’t I log in?

There are many things that can cause issues with the Pokémon Go servers. Here are a few:

  • Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) authentication failure: If you use a PTC account to sign into Pokémon Go, you’re at the mercy of Nintendo’s PTC system which seems to go down far more often than the Google account sign in or new Facebook account sign in.

  • Too many people trying to log in: Scale is hard. Especially Pokémon Go scale. When a new feature is launched or new event kicks off, a ton of people jump back in to play, it spikes demand on the servers, and sometimes they can’t meet it. When that happens, it crashes or blocks connections and then we start to suffer.

Can’t Niantic fix Pokémon Go server and login issues?

Sounds like they keep trying but new and unusual problems keep coming up. Hopefully, they’ll get a handle on it sooner rather than later.

Any Pokémon Go server failure or login problem questions?

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