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Pokémon Go: Litwick is here!

This unassuming little candle evolves into the strongest Ghost and Fire type in the game and now you can catch it!

What you need to know

  • Litwick has boosted spawns for the next two weeks.
  • Litwick is the first stage of Chandelure, the strongest Ghost and Fire type Pokémon in the game.
  • Evolving a Chandelure requires 125 candies and an Unova Stone.

Pokémon Go has released Litwick en masse for the Halloween event. This little candle Pokémon may not seem like much, but when it’s fully evolved, Chandelure will be an invaluable addition to your team. It packs more power for punch in Fire type attacks than Moltres or Entei and hits harder with Ghost type moves than even Mewtwo with Shadow Ball.

Chandelure is arguably the best Fire type and Ghost type to be introduced to Pokémon Go to date. It boasts a whooping 3,268 max CP, 271 max attack, 182 max defense, and 155 max stamina and it has access to both Fire Spin and Shadow Ball.

While Litwick will still be around to catch after the conclusion of the Halloween event, right now is the perfect time to catch as many as you can. Not only will the event increase your chances of getting ones with higher stats, but both catch and transfer candies are doubled for the entire event. Each Chandelure will require 125 candies and an Unova Stone to evolve so be sure to stock up on candies while the spawn rates are boosted. Don’t forget to appraise each of these little guys before transfering and be on the look out for those rare three stars.

Have any questions about Litwick, Chandelure, or the Halloween event? Do you want to show off your high IV catches? Leave us a comment below.



Source of the article – iMore