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Pokémon Go: Looming Shadows has gone live!

An in game event that Pokémon Go has been building for weeks, Looming Shadows has gone live today!

What you need to know

  • The Pokémon Go Looming Shadows Special Research is now available globally.
  • Players can battle Team Go Rocket Executives and even Giovanni himself.
  • Completion of the Special Research gives players a chance to rescue Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

The wait is finally over! After all the hype and build up over the past few weeks, Pokémon Go has released the Looming Shadows Special Research to Pokémon Go. A six step Special Research, Looming in the Shadows allows players to challenge the Team Go Rocket Executives by collecting Mysterious Components and building Rocekt Radars.

The promotional video for this release showed each of the Team Go Rocket Executives with heavy hitting Shadow Pokémon. Cliff was shown with a Shadow Tyranitar, Arlo with a Shadow Scizor, and Sierra with a Shadow Houndoom. In addition to many rewards across the six steps, completion of the Special Research will allow players to challenge the infamous Leader of Team Go Rocket himself, Giovanni. Giovanni was also depicted in the promotional video with the three Legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, all Shadow Pokémon as well. While it is not yet clear if trainers must battle all three of the Legendary birds to defeat Giovanni, the announcement did state that upon defeating Giovanni, players will have the chance to rescue Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

The announcement included some other interesting information as well. It would seem as though there is some level of collaboration involved in challenging Team Go Rocket Executives. Players will need a Rocket Radar to detect the Team Go Rocket Hideouts but once detected, players can share the locations and face the same challenges, much in the way that Pokéstops offer the same research for a set period of time. The announcement also made mention of Team Go Rocket Grunts pretending to be Giovanni.

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Source of the article – iMore