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Pokémon Go: Looming Shadows update is the briefest yet!

Pokémon Go has dropped another update to the Looming Shadows storyline teasing players with almost no information.

What you need to know

  • Keeping to the schedule of an update every other day, Pokémon Go dropped another update to the Looming Shadows storyline today.
  • The briefest update yet, this new Willow Report provides no real information.
  • Still, it does have a fun reference for fans of the classic Pokémon shows and games.

Tallying up to only 40 words, the latest update to the Pokémon Go Looming Shadows storyline teased fans with a new image and the following message:

I’ve intercepted this message but cannot seem to open the file. It’s encrypted, and I know it must hold some critical information about to Team GO Rocket. I knew we should prepare for trouble, but this is far from double.

This message, despite the fun little nod to the classic Team Rocket motto, was met with immediate frustration from the players, many of whom have already commented demanding the update be released already. While previous updates provided insights into and character development for the Pokémon Go Team Leaders: Blanche, Spark, and Candela; as well as the new Team Go Rocket Executives: Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo; or information about how the Looming Shadows update will work in gameplay, the players seem none too pleased with this update that is all hype and no substance. Players even complained about the image of the “Encrypted Message” that displayed only a string of boxes as opposed to something resourceful and dedicated players might actually be able to decrypt. Hopefully, this short update will be followed by a much more significant one or perhaps even the implementation of the Looming Shadows update and the Special Research for players to track down Team Go Rocket’s headquarters. Given that the Colossal Discovery event is wrapping up this afternoon, that update may come sooner than expected.

Are you tired of this hype already? Do you hope to get more updates with character development or would you rather just see the gameplay already? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our Pokémon Go guides!



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