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Pokémon Go: The Alolan Shiny are here!

What you need to know about the Alolan forms of Pokémon — Now Shiny as well!

Just when you were expecting Pokémon Go to start ramping up Gen 4, they went and threw us an Alolan Forms curveball. So, what are these tropical variants of a dozen-and-a-half Gen 1 Pokémon and how do you hatch, catch, and evolve them?

Which Alolan Pokémon are currently available in Pokémon Go?

  1. Alolan Exeggutor (Catch/Raid)
  2. Alolan Grimer (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
  3. Alolan Muk (Evolve from Grimer)
  4. Alolan Meowth (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
  5. Alolan Persian (Evolve from Meowth)
  6. Alolan Vulpix (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
  7. Alolan Ninetails (Evolve from Vulpix)
  8. Alolan Sandshrew (Hatch from 7 KM Egg)
  9. Alolan Sandslash (Evolve from Sandshew)
  10. Alolan Rattata (Catch)
  11. Alolan Raticate (Evolve from Rattata)
  12. Alolan Diglette (Hatch/Catch)
  13. Alolan Dugtrio (Evolve from Diglette)
  14. Alolan Geodude (Hatch/Catch)
  15. Alolan Gravler (Evolve from Geodude)
  16. Alolan Golem (Evolve from Graveler)
  17. Alolan Raichu (Raid)
  18. Alolan Marowak (Raid)

Image via The Silph Road.

June 28, 2018: Pokemon Go celebrates 3 years with Shiny Alolan Forms!

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Pokemon Go, Alolan Forms are now also available in their Shiny forms.

From Pokemon Go:

Shiny Alolan Pokémon — You’ll have a chance of encountering the following Shiny Alolan Pokémon: Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor.

Neither spawn rates nor shiny rates seem especially high, alas.

What has Pokémon Go said about Alolan Forms?

Very little. Just a tease.

Sunny days are ahead! Whether your forecast calls for rain or shine, we’re celebrating all around the world by introducing some special Pokémon from the tropical Alola region to Pokémon GO. Get ready for some of the Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region to appear in their Alolan forms! These unique variants were first seen in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games, and they will make their way to Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for news related to this exciting change—and don’t forget to tell your friends! Stay safe, and happy exploring!

Even less from Pokémon proper:

So far in Pokémon GO, we have seen Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions. Next up, be on the lookout for the Alolan forms of Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region, which will soon make their debut. Stock up on Poké Balls and get ready to expand your Pokémon collection!

What are Alolan Forms in Pokémon Go?

Here’s what Bulbapedia has to say:

In the Alola region, a species’ regional variant is referred to as its Alola Form (Japanese: アローラのすがた Alola form). A Pokémon in its Alola Form is described as Alolan — for example, Exeggutor in its Alola Form is referred to as Alolan Exeggutor. Only Pokémon introduced in Generation I have Alola Forms.

In Alola, when breeding Pokémon whose offspring has a regional variant, the offspring’s form depends on its parents. If either parent is the species’ normal form and holds an Everstone, and if the offspring is in the same family as that parent, then the offspring will hatch as the normal form. In all other cases, the offspring will always hatch in its Alola Form.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, if a Pokémon evolves from a species that does not have an Alola Form to one that does, such as Cubone, it will always evolve into its Alola Form and cannot evolve into its normal form. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Pokémon will evolve into its Alola Form while in Alola itself, but can also evolve into its normal form while in Ultra Space.

What makes an Alolan Form different from a regular Pokémon?

The Alolan versions of Pokémon look different and can also have different types, which means they can learn different movesets as well.

Which Gen 1 Pokémon have Alolan Forms?

There are 18 Alola variants, all of them for Gen 1 Pokémon.

  1. Rattata – Normal / Dark
  2. Raticate: Normal / Dark
  3. Raichu: Electric / Psychic
  4. Sandshew: Ice / Steel
  5. Sandlash: Ice/Steel
  6. Vulpix: Ice
  7. Ninetails: Ice / Fairy
  8. Diglett: Ground / Steel
  9. Dugtrio: Ground / Steel
  10. Meowth: Dark
  11. Persian: Dark
  12. Geodude: Rock /Electric
  13. Graveler: Rock / Electric
  14. Golem: Rock /Electric
  15. Grimer: Poison / Dark
  16. Muk: Poison / Dark
  17. Exeggutor: Grass / Dragon
  18. Marowak: Fire / Ghost

Wait, no Alolan Pikachu, Exeggute, or Cubone?

No. While the other Alolan variants are all families, and can evolve from one to the next, Alolan Raichu, Exeggutor, and Marowak are all stand-alone split evolutions and can only be caught as such. In the core games, the region in which a Pokémon evolved determined its evolution but in Pokémon Go, Exeggcuter, Raichu and Marowak can only be caught in their Alolan forms.

Are there Shiny Alolan Forms as well?

Image via Know Your Meme

There are indeed. Shiny Raichu has been available since just after the initial Alolan launch and, as of June 28, 2018, all the rest are now available as well.

Complete list of Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go

When exactly are the Alolan variants coming to Pokémon Go?

They’ve all been available, one way or another and most are still readily available through 7 KM eggs, Raids and even spawning directly on the map.

What is the hatch rate for Pokémon Go Alolan 7 KM Eggs?

Note: Pokémon Go has now added baby form Pokémon to the 7 KM eggs. This means, in addition to potential Alolan variants, 7 KM eggs may also contain:

  • Pichu
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Smoochum
  • Tyrogue
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Azurill
  • Wynaut
  • Bonsly
  • Budew
  • Chingling
  • Munchlax
  • Mantyke
  • Riolu
  • Happiny

While this undoubtedly impacts the hatch rates, the exact numbers are unknown. This could be especially frustrating for players trying to get Shiny Alolan variants but the best you can do right now is make sure you’re hatching lots of eggs and collecting presents from friends when you have open space in your egg inventory.

Previously, according to The Sliph Road:

  • Rattata: 27.6% (8)
  • Meowth: 27.6% (8)
  • Sandshrew: 27.6% (8)
  • Grimer: 13.8% (4)
  • Vulpix 3.4% (1)

What are the best movesets for Alolan Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

  1. Alolan Exeggutor: Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
  2. Alolan Muk: Poison Jab + Gunk Shot
  3. Alolan Golem: Rock Throw + Stone Edge
  4. Alolan Raichu: Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
  5. Alolan Marowak: Hex + Shadow Ball
  6. Alolan Ninetails: Powder Snow + Blizzard or Ice Beam
  7. Alolan Persian: Feint + Foul Play

Any Pokémon Go Alolan Forms questions?

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