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Prestige a Registry Page in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to grind for XP

As you wander the world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you’ll find traces and collect confoundables to return to your registry. Once you’ve completed pages in your registry you have the option to prestige that page. We have all the details on what that means, and why it matters for you here.

What does it mean to prestige a registry Page?

Prestiging a registry page is when you restart a previously completed registry page at a higher level. Essentially, you wipe out all of your previous hard work and start all over, albeit at a higher level and with more experience. While it’s never necessary to prestige a registry page you’ve completed, it does pay dividends. That’s because on top of the sweet new frame you get, this is the easiest way to grind for experience at higher levels.

When can I prestige a registry page?

After you have completed a registry page you’ll get a little red notification icon on your suitcase. If you open up the registry page that you’ve completed you’ll see an icon in the upper right corner that looks like a star. Tap that and you’ll be able to prestige your registry page, which essentially restarts the page and requires you to search down the same items again with one notable difference. This time you’ll need more fragments for each item in order to complete them all over again.

Why should I prestige a registry page

Prestiging a registry page really only has one function. It allows you to grab up more experience so that grinding towards the next level becomes a little bit easier. You get far more experience from collecting a fragment than you do from collecting a confoundable that is already placed in your registry. Wizards Unite has done this on purpose to ensure that you don’t get burnt out trying to reach the next level once your registry is looking pretty full.

On top of making it easier to gather up more XP, you also get a sweet new frame for your registry page. This doesn’t give you any extra in-game benefits, but it does give you solid bragging rights.

Can I prestige a registry page more than once?

Yes! There are three different levels of prestige. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each one will give you a new frame for your registry page, as well as letting you re-collect items to gather up more XP as you grind towards higher levels.

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