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Protect your iPhone 8 with a case that’s great!

The iPhone 8 might be yesterday’s news, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth protecting, especially when its exterior made primarily of one material: glass. This means that you’ll probably want some kind of case to keep it safe and scratch-free. Whether you’re looking for a case that offers barebones protection or one that does a little more, this collection is sure to have something you’ll want.

Official protection

Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case

Staff Favorite

Apple’s own silicone iPhone 8 case offers no-frills protection for your new device, and it comes in a number of beautiful colors. The silicone is comfortable in your hand, and it offers the added benefit of keeping your iPhone from slipping to the ground.

$29 at Amazon

Official leather option

Apple Leather Case

Apple’s official leather case is a great option if you want something a little fancier than the Silicone case, but still something made by Apple. It comes in an assortment of excellent colors, from standards such as black and brown to vibrant yellow and deep red.

$40 at Amazon

Tough and clear

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen is known for its great cases, and the Ultra Hybrid S iPhone 8 case is no exception. Made from polycarbonate with sturdy but flexible TPU around the edges, the Ultra Hybrid S offers protection without extreme rigidity. It also has a flip-out stand to prop your phone up in landscape mode for watching videos.

$12 at Amazon

Rugged defense

Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender series offers four layers of protection against all sorts of damage. There’s a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches on your phone’s screen, a foam buffer that keeps the screen protector from rubbing against the glass, a shock-absorbing shell to protect the rest of the phone, and the outer shell that keeps out dust and dirt, even sealing the lighting port.

$41 at Amazon

Everything in one place

Vena vCommute

The vCommute by Vena is one of our favorite wallet cases for iPhone 8 thanks to its hearty protection and multifunctional card cover. While the cover protects your credit cards and ID when the case is in your pocket, it can slide down to become a kickstand.

$25 at Amazon

Crystal clear protection

Speck Presidio

The case provides a solid layer of protection that is designed to take an impact to the phone, and it won’t yellow over time, so it will remain crystal clear. The case has a scratch-resistant coating that ensures that both your phone and case stay looking great, and the cutouts make accessing your ports a breeze.

$18 at Amazon

Thinnest of thin

totallee Scarf

The Scarf is a super-thin case and fits your device like a glove. It might not be the most protective case out there, but it offers impressive style, with a striking, ultra-thin design and a wide variety of colorful options. The case is also translucent, letting the iPhone and Apple logos come through on the back of your device.

$18 at Amazon

Under wraps

Twelve South SurfacePad

Keep your iPhone protected on both the front and back with this leather folio case from Twelve South. It also serves as a wallet case, with slots for a couple of cards.

$40 at Amazon

Keep going and going

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Keep your iPhone 8 going all day and all night with this battery case from Mophie. The Juice Pack Air charges using either a micro-USB cable or any Qi wireless charger, including Mophie’s own Charge Force option.

$100 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

These are our favorite cases for the iPhone 8, and they’ll help protect your phone from accidental drops, scratches, and other harm. Personally, I’m a fan of Apple’s official iPhone 8 Silicone Case, which is simple, offers excellent protection against most kinds of damage and comes in a decent assortment of colors.

If you want something with a little more utility, I’d suggest the Vena vCommute, which offers both rugged protection for your iPhone, as well as slots for your ID and credit cards its cover also serves as a kickstand for when you want to prop your iPhone on a table to watch something. If you want a wallet case but don’t feel the need for that kind of bulk, go for the SurfacePad by Twelves South.

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