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Report: Apple’s in-house 5G modem over 5 years away, Qualcomm truce only way out

According to a new report from The Information, the progress surrounding Apple’s own in-house 5G modem for upcoming iPhones is further behind than originally anticipated.

In the new report, The Information’s sources suggest that the iPhone 5G modem made by Apple might not be done before 2025 — a far cry from the original rumor of 2021. This slow progress was likely a major factor in Apple’s recent decision to cease all litigation against Qualcomm and sign a six-years-long deal with the company to use its modems in future iPhones.

Granted, it is possible Apple slowed down progress on its own 5G modem design once it knew it was going to sign the deal with Qualcomm. Obviously, there’s no point continuing to rush out a new product if Qualcomm’s modems will fill the gap for the time being.

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The report seems to back up the theory that Apple was trapped between a rock and a hard place and had little choice but to cut its losses and settle its legal fights with Qualcomm. If Apple went with Intel modems for the future iPhone 5G models, the modems would likely not meet the high standards Apple holds for its star product. If Apple instead made the modems itself, it would be years late to the 5G game.

It seems that Apple had no choice but to ask Qualcomm for a truce (a truce that allegedly cost Apple billions).

Additionally, the report dives deep into details surrounding the slow relationship deterioration between Apple and Intel. The Information alleges that the relationship is deteriorating even further with Apple reportedly unsatisfied with Intel’s chip performance in Mac computers. There are already predictions that Apple will begin to transition away from Intel chips entirely very soon, possibly even within the next year. We’ve reached out to Intel for clarification on this.

To read the full report from The Information, click here.

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Source of the article – Android Authority