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Samsung Galaxy Fold… is breaking

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold has just gotten into the hands of reviewers and, already, there appears to be a problem, and probably one you could have pretty easily predicted.

CNBC‘s review unit has broken.

So has The Verge‘s.

Both Mark Gurman from Bloomberg and Marques Brownlee of MKBHD on YouTube fame peeled off a protective film that reviewers were apparently told not to pull off, but that doesn’t seem to say or remind people anywhere on the packaging or device not to pull off.

A few thoughts:

  1. Hardware is hard and design is in the details. Typically, I’d say there’s no amount of QA in the world that can prepare you for a million, let along a hundred million customers hitting your product. But this was relatively few reviewers and that film, and these screen issues, could have been better prepared for.
  2. Neither 5G nor foldable screen technology is really ready for prime time. There is absolutely no advantage to being first if the road isn’t finished and you drive off the cliff.
  3. Either way, while it’s cool and all we get the future a little faster, at almost $2K this also feels a like paying an awful lot for the privilege of a public beta test, which is the opposite of cool.

Hopefully, these are birthing issues and Samsung can pull out, add some kind of sticker warning, pray the film doesn’t peel or scratch off on its own through normal use, and do what it did with the Note and Edge — Iterate into an impressive product.

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