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Save 20% on these Philips Hue smart lighting bundles for your home

Let there be multi-colored light!

Right now on the Philips Hue website you can choose between two exclusive smart lighting bundles. One is the Deluxe Dining bundle with everything you need to setup your dining room for $269.99. The other is called the Kitchen Essentials bundle, and it’s going for $289.99. These aren’t bundles that are offered anywhere else. In fact, these uniquely designed multi-color smart bulbs are fairly rare.

Smart Bundles

Philips Hue Dining Deluxe Bundle

These exclusive bundles aren’t offered anywhere else, and if you try to recreate them with the pieces individually you’ll find the savings are pretty dramatic.

$269.99 $305 $35 Off

See at Amazon

If you were to recreate the Deluxe DIning bundle on Amazon, you’d need to add five E12 decorative candle lights, a dimmer switch, and the Philips Hue bridge to your cart for a total of $305. Whereas you can get the whole thing for just $270 with this deal.

The Kitchen Essentials bundle includes Hue Pendant Lights, which aren’t even sold on Amazon. The best place to find them is on Newegg where they are $99.99 apiece. The bundle includes three of them plus a Hue Bridge, so the total would be $340 if not for this deal.

Both bundles offer some excellent savings, and all the pieces come with a two-year warranty.

Because the bundles come with the Hue Bridge, you basically have everything you need to kickstart your smart home. All the smart lights, and the dimmer, will connect to the Bridge. In fact, you can connect up to 50 items at once, so grab individual light bulbs or dimmable LED light strips while you’re at it. Once connected to the Bridge, you can sync that with your smart home system through an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini.

The bundles are limited in stock so grab one while you can.

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