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Send your data to the cloud with a new layer of encryption using NordLocker

Encryption at the local level.

If privacy is a concern for you, then you’re probably already interested in VPNs. These virtual networks are a great way to keep yourself secure and anonymous on the internet. NordVPN is one of the more popular options around, and now the company is introducing a whole new level of security called NordLocker.

This is a brand new security utility that seeks to do two things: secure your files with the best possible encryption while still making those files super easy to access and share for people who don’t understand the technology.

Away from Prying Eyes

NordLocker personal encryption

Secure your data without changing your habits (except for adding a new one). The new NordLocker app will be releasing later this year, and it promises you even more security for your always-connected lifestyle.

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It starts as an app you can download on MacOS or Windows. Use it to store and encrypt any files locally. The end-to-end encryption means no one else will have access to that data except you. Not even Nord. The security uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and 4096-bit RSA algorithms, as well as “zero-knowledge encryption” that means Nord isn’t keeping the keys to your vault. The “zero-knowledge encryption” is the difference between NordLocker and some standard cloud service. Whereas other services might require a password and offer some minimal level of security, they do require you to trust your cloud provider isn’t peaking at the data or selling it to the highest bidder.

You’ll be able to manage all the access to your files and share them with whomever you think should have them. In fact, you won’t have to send them in any special way. Share your files with others the way you always did before through email or messaging or uploaded to the cloud. It won’t matter because the file will be encrypted before you do that anyway.

Just like you don’t have to change the way you share your info, you also don’t have to change the way you store it. NordLocker will work with cloud services you already use. You won’t have to migrate your files or start a new habit except the habit of using NordLocker to encrypt everything first.

NordLocker mentions all the files and pieces of data you regularly use that might have personal information in them, like photos, videos, documents, or even your music collection. Are you a writer with dozens of drafts, short stories, poetry, or articles just sitting in the cloud? Secure it all. What about passwords, banking information, or other truly private information? Secure that data, and your identity in the process, behind NordLocker.

Add even more security to your online presence with the full NordVPN package. It’s on sale right now for 75% off a three-year subscription.

NordLocker is not out yet, but it is releasing some time this summer. If you want to be one of the first, you can sign up for early access right now.

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