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Set the mood in your home with the best dimmer switches for HomeKit

No home’s lighting is complete without a dimmer to set the mood for dinners and movie nights, so what better way is there to dim things down than a HomeKit switch? HomeKit gives you dimming and adds in the smarts, giving you the ultimate in control and convenience. These switches are easy to install and come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve gathered all of the best around to help you decide which is right for your needs.

No neutral needed

Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Switch

Staff Favorite

Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Dimmer is the only HomeKit switch on the market that does not require a neutral wire. This makes installation a breeze, and more importantly, compatible with the wiring in most homes. Lutron’s dimmer also happens to be one of the most reliable and quickest responding around as it uses its own wireless connectivity technology.

$52 at Amazon

Slide to dim

Wemo Dimmer Switch

The Wemo Dimmer Switch has a unique on-device touch panel, allowing you to slide your finger to adjust brightness levels in your home. This dimmer talks to your home network via Wi-Fi, creating a direct connection without the need for a separate hub. The switch is also future proof, as it works with not just HomeKit, but also Alexa and Google Assistant.

$48 at Amazon

Highly compatible

Legrand On-Q Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer

As its name suggests, the Legrand On-Q Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer focuses on providing a high level of compatibility with existing light bulbs. Using a self-calibration technology, this dimmer works with pretty much every type of bulb, LED, CFL, Halogen, and even incandescent.

$55 at Amazon

Nightlight too

iDevices Dimmer Switch

The iDevices Dimmer Switch is not your average dimmer thanks to its built-in, customizable nightlight. The nightlight works completely independent from the dimmer itself, allowing full control through the Home app, making it compatible with automation and scenes. Best of all, the nightlight supports tons of different colors and brightness levels, perfect for keeping things in check at night.

$83 at Amazon

Familiar friend

Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer

Lighting expert Leviton takes a traditional approach with their smart HomeKit dimmer switch. A large rocker switch turns the lights on and off without having to look for a small button, and a smaller rocker for dimming is right alongside it. This keeps things friendly and familiar, ensuring that your guests and family know exactly how to operate things when you are not around.

$50 at Amazon

Motion sensing

Incipio CommandKit Smart Wall Switch

Incipio’s CommandKit Smart Wall Switch combines a dimmer with a motion sensor right on the front. Motion sensing enables this switch to turn on and off when no one is around. This potentially keeps your energy costs down, without the need for another device. This switch is also one of the cheapest options available, saving you money now and over time.

$15 at Amazon

Dim it down

Setting the mood with a smart dimmer switch is as easy as a tap, swipe, or shout, thanks to HomeKit support. Add automation to the mix, and you suddenly have a way to automatically dim things down at sunset, or turn them off completely at night, without having to lift a finger. Looking for the absolute easiest to install option that also happens to be one of the most reliable? Then check out Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Dimmer. This awesome dimmer works all of its smart magic without a neutral wire, which is critical for older homes.

Want a dimmer that offers the highest level of compatibility with dimmable light bulbs? Legrand’s On-Q Smart Tru-Universal Dimmer uses self-calibration technology that allows it to work with all bulb types, even those old incandescent ones that you may have lying around. Whichever option you choose, your home’s lighting will never be the same again thanks to these awesome dimmers.

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