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Smoke brings the Steam app to your Apple Watch. Because of course it does

What you need to know

  • Smoke is now available in the App Store.
  • It brings Steam features to Apple Watch.
  • No, you can’t play Borderlands on your wrist.

If that’s something you’re looking for.

OK, so people use Steam to download games on their Mac. They usually don’t like steam, but it’s what they have to use. So, they do. And now those same people can use it on their Apple Watch, too. Because why wouldn’t they?

Smoke is a new Apple Watch app (via 9to5Mac) that brings store information, news articles, and your friends to your wrist. You can’t buy games from the app, but you can see how much they cost and how well – or not – rated they are. Did I mention it’s on your wrist?

Smoke is primarily an Apple Watch app that brings parts of Steam, the online video game store, to the Apple Watch! It aims to provide a simple user experience that gives users access to key information and statistics from both their own and their friends accounts.

  • View the games you own as well as your achievement statuses and total play time
  • View the store information for the games you and your friends own (Price, review and player numbers, genre etc.)
  • See if your friends are online and the games they have recently played
  • Find news articles for the games you own.
  • Tap a news article to save it to your phone!
  • Customize the iOS app by choosing the theme color and changing the app icon
  • Share saved news articles with friends

Maybe those who rely on Steam for their gaming will make great use of an app like this. Maybe they won’t. I don’t know, but it’s free so why not take it for a spin? It’s available for download now with an in-app purchase offering customizable icons and more.

Source of the article – iMore