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Some AirPods Pro orders are now set to arrive earlier than expected

What you need to know

  • Some AirPods Pro deliveries have been brought forward.
  • They were previously arriving on October 31.
  • Now they’re arriving tomorrow, October 30.

That’s a stroke of luck.

If you’re waiting for AirPods Pro to arrive and were previously quoted a delivery date of October 31, now might be a good time to check whether that’s still the case. Our own Joe Keller has seen his order brought forward to tomorrow, October 30 and we’ve heard of similar things happening elsewhere, too.

This is likely only the case if you were quick off the mark when placing your order yesterday, but weren’t quite quick enough to get in on the initial allocation of AirPods Pro. If you order today it’s likely to be into next week before your order arrives.

Oddly, Joe had an email saying that his order would arrive tomorrow yet the Apple Store iPhone app still reports October 31 as his delivery date. It’s likely something isn’t quite right inside Apple’s systems but if your app isn’t giving you the answer you want there might still be hope. Joe says the web-based Apple Store shows tomorrow, just like the email.

Of course, another 24 hours isn’t a long time to wait if you’re still on for October 31. But sooner is always better, right?

Let us know in the comments if your delivery window has been brought forward. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Source of the article – iMore