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Some Apple Card invitees are running into issues with their Apple ID

What you need to know

  • Some Apple Card invitees are running into issues with their Apple ID.
  • Some say their Apple doesn’t recognize the Apple ID they’ve been using for years.
  • Others say they accidentally typed in the email for their Apple ID and now they have to wait a few extra days to get the invitation again.

Make sure you didn’t type in the wrong Apple ID in your invite application.

More and more people are getting their invitations to apply for the Apple Card, Apple’s latest must-have product, but some are running into issues with their Apple ID. Multiple users are reporting that when they receive their invite for the Apple Card, they are being asked by Apple for proper email associated with the Apple ID even though they already provided it.

Reddit user Johnjamesjacoby relayed his issues in a post saying he applied to get an invitation for the Apple Card but when the invite came, the email he provided didn’t match an Apple ID. However, he says he has used that Apple ID (with the same email) for nearly 10 years.

Other users have also reported getting a similar email, including one of iMore’s writers, Christine Romero-Chan.

There seems to be two reasons for this: technical issues and user errors. Concerning Reddit user Johnjamesjacoby, that seems to be a technical issue on Apple’s side. Apparently Apple can’t locate the Apple ID connected with his email. He just chalks up the issue to Apple “still working out the kinks,” which could be a result of thousands of people applying for the Apple Card. Some are bound to encounter issues with their Apple ID.

Photo by Christine Romero-Chan

For Christine’s part, it was just a mistake on her part. She apparently filled in the wrong email in her invite application, so when she got her invite (which we’ve included above), Apple asked for the proper Apple ID. It was a honest mistake.

Here’s what Christine had to say on the issue:

“I gave them a different email that isn’t associated with my Apple ID. That was my mistake. Weird everyone else is getting the same email though. I just re-entered with my Apple ID.”

Apple does make it super easy to give them the proper email associated with the Apple ID, though it will delay your Apple Card invite by a couple of days.

If you did sign up for the Apple Card invitation, make sure you provided the proper Apple ID. If not, you could delay the process by a few days.

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