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Spring cleaning just got easier with up to $180 off these robovacs

Think of all the time (and money) you’ll save.

Amazon is offering two ECOVACS DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaners on sale today with up to 40% off their usual prices. The deals offer both models with their best direct price drops to date, but you’ll have to act fast to grab one at a discount as the promotion ends tonight.

Affordable option

ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 Robot Vacuum

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 is an affordable way to get an Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible robo vac into your smart home setup. With a two-hour run time, sensors to avoid obstacles, and the ability to return itself to its charger, you don’t need to lift a finger.

$189.99 $330 $40 off

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Lowest ever price

ECOVACS DEEBOT 711 Robot Vacuum

Make the most of the best ever price on the ECOVACS DEEBOT 711 robotic vacuum cleaner. It works out a super-efficient cleaning path to navigate around your home and avoid cleaning the same spot twice and can automatically adjust its suction for troublesome messes.

$269.99 $449.99 $180 off

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The most affordable model is the ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 at $189.99. It regularly sells for nearer $330. It uses an S-Shape cleaning path and works particularly well with hard surfaces. It has a three-stage cleaning system along with sensors to prevent collisions and drops. The battery life lasts for up to two hours, and the vacuum will return to its charging station on its own to refuel. It comes with a main brush, two side brushes, and a docking station.

You can also snag the ECOVACS DEEBOT 711 on sale for a new low price of $269.99. It usually sells for $450 and we’ve never seen it go below $300 before, so today is the best time ever to buy one. It features Smart Navi technology, which maps your home and creates a systematic cleaning path. It’ll never go over the same exact path twice to ensure each part of your floor is perfectly clean. It can clean up to 1,100 square feet per cycle. The vacuum also smartly increases suction over particularly troublesome messes and returns to its charging base when needed. Your purchase includes a charging dock, four side brushes, air filters, a remote control, and a one-year warranty.

Both models are compatible with the free ECOVACS apps for your phone or you can connect them to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant smart home systems and control it with your voice. You’ll be able to schedule and track cleaning sessions, monitor accessories, and receive error alerts.

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