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Start a conference call from anywhere with Anker’s PowerConf

Now you can have a conference call just about anywhere, for better or for worse.

What you need to know

  • PowerConf works in and out of the office with built-in battery.
  • Includes 6 microphones in a 360 degree arrangement.
  • Voice enhancement determines who is speaking and adjusts accordingly.

Smart phone accessory manufacturer Anker is jumping into to business world with its latest offering, the Anker PowerConf. As it’s name suggests, the PowerConf is designed for conference calls using Bluetooth and your phone, but Anker is packing in some of its portable power tech in order to take things on the road.

The PowerConf features an all-black, compact design, which is reminscent of a portable Bluetooth speaker. On the inside are 6 microphones that are used to pick up voices around it in 360 degrees, within an 8m range. Digital signal processing is also in two, and works along with the mics to reduce ambient noises.

The microphones are said to be able to determine the position of the person speaking in the room, and uses “voice enhancement technology” to optimize levels accordingly. An on-board ring of light illustrates to the room whose voice is being enhanced by illuminating a portion of the ring in the direction of the speaker.

A built-in battery allows users to take their calls on the go, and battery life is listed as 24 hours on a charge. Anker has also included a USB port on the accessory that can keep a phone charged while on a call.

The Anker PowerConf will be available starting on January 20th with a suggested retail price of $129.99.

Source of the article – iMore