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Sweden’s Urbanears releases first over-ear headphones

The new headphones come in three colorways at launch.

Sweden’s Urbanears has announced the release of its first ever set of over-ear Bluetooth headphones. The Pampas, which offers 30 hours of wireless playtime between charges, arrives on the market today, May 6. Intended for the “discerning listener who refuses to compromise,” Pampas features a premium yet simplistic design that matches the long-established Urbanears style. At launch, the new over-ear headphones come in almond beige, charcoal black, and field green.

Pampas headphones offer several exciting features including the ability to share music using an extra socket. Just plug in another pair of headphones, and you’re good to go. The over-ear headphones include a cushioned headband with angled ear caps in a collapsible design.

This isn’t the first time Urbanears has introduced a new audio product to the market in 2019. In February, it revealed the Plattan 2 Bluetooth Tove Lo Edition, which features a glitter-ized headband and iridescent rainbow ear caps. Called Sweden’s “darkest pop export,” Lo offers a unique mix of grunge and pop music.

Revolutionizing the audio industry since 2009, Stockholm-based Urbanears offers headphones and speakers in over 60 countries worldwide. Each product offers a simplistic design with innovative features. Most come in bright, loud colors, including the Pink Collection, the muted Pampas intial colors notwithstanding.

Urbanears says Pampas “makes a bold statement with its oversized, unmistakable design. A tailored look with soft and rounded ergonomic shapes that feel like a natural extension of yourself.” Additionally, it calls the headphones “the ideal sound accessory for home, work, and announcing yourself to your surroundings while shutting it out.”

You can purchase your new pair of Pampas over-ear headphones from the Urbanears website alongside other products. They are priced at $149.

Source of the article – iMore