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Swiss TV company rights the wrongs of the Siri Remote

What you need to know

  • Swiss TV company Salt gives an Apple TV 4K to its users.
  • But so many complained about the Siri Remote that it had to build its own.
  • The new remote can be bought for less than 20 Swiss francs.

They aren’t wrong.

Apple’s Siri Remote has always been a bone of contention for Apple TV users. And with Swiss fiber TV company Salt giving Apple TV 4K boxes to its subscribers it was only a matter of time before they complained. And when they did, Salt made an alternative.

The new remote looks more like a “proper” remote than anything Apple has made and while it was reportedly designed in collaboration with Apple, it’s clear this is something it wouldn’t want to ship itself.

Because that collaboration was in place the remote works just like the Siri Remote does. There are no steps needed in order to pair the thing and it looks much easier to use without accidentally rewinding whatever you’re watching, too.

Hopefully this is good news for everyone, though. It seems Apple is aware that the Siri Remote design is sub-optimal. And given its newfound fondness of listening to users and acting on their feedback we can reasonably hope – if not expect – that the next Apple TV will rectify things.


Source of the article – iMore