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The Best 4K TV Deals for May 2019

Did you know we’ve reached a point in the world of new TV models that some manufacturers aren’t even releasing TVs less than 4K this year? It’s true. We are officially deep into the era of 4K. If you haven’t caught up yet, you’re going to be happy you checked this link. We know not everyone can afford a 4K TV, especially not a big one for every room. The technology is getting less and less expensive every day, though, so we’re keeping an eye out for all the major price drops, manufacturer sales, and more.

Best 4K Smart TV Deal $529.99: TCL 55R617 Roku TV

If bang for your buck is important to you, the TCL Roku TVs have consistently provided the best prices with the best features for years. It’s not that this is the greatest quality television or has the most advanced features. It’s that what this TV says it does – it does very well. This deal for $529.99 is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the 55-inch version, too. The TV was selling for as much as $580 in March, and the only time it has gone lower was a drop to $515.

Pixels and Smarts

TCL 55R617 55-inch 4K Roku TV

The Android Central review of this TV series gave it 4.5 stars and a Recommended Badge. The review said the 6 series “is one of those products that hits that sweet spot between performance and price.” And people have been saying that for years about TCL’s Roku models, so you know you’re getting something consistent.

$529.99 $550 $20 off

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Best Big Screen 4K TV Deal $1,650 + $350 gift card: Vizio 75-inch 4K HDR TV

To be fair, you can get this TV for $50 less at retailers like B&H and Walmart, but you won’t get a $350 gift card added on. With that extra $350, and Dell’s decently stocked online store, you can add some major upgrades to your new big screen like a game console or sound bar system.

Big is Beautiful

Vizio P75-F1 75-inch 4K HDR TV

Vizio’s 75-inch TV first dropped to around $1,700 at most retailers at the beginning of May, but it had been selling at $1,800 or more for most of the year before that. The TV has a ton of great reviews from users and critics alike because it’s large with high resolutions and great smart features without breaking the bank. Of course, the quality of the image won’t compare to more expensive brands like Samsung or Sony, but… they are the more expensive brands. And we’re here to save money folks.

$1,650 + $350 card $1,800 $100 off plus extras

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More Great 4K TV Deals

2019 Model

Samsung QN49Q60RAFXZA Flat 49-inch QLED 4K TV

Part of Samsung’s newest lineup, the TV is currently more than $200 off its MSRP and $100 off what it most recently sold for on Amazon. By the way, Samsung is one of those lineups mentioned above that’s not releasing non-4K TVs this year, so expect to see a lot of discounts like this throughout the year.

$797.99 at Amazon


Samsung UN43NU7100 43-inch 4K HDR TV

This is an older Samsung model from 2018, but it’s still a great price. Just $280 for 43 inches of 4K gloriousness. Plus, the next best price is $400 at Target, so it’s still a nice discount.

$279.99 at Walmart

Roku is the Best

TCL 49S517 4K Roku TV

Every TV manufacturer has its own smart platform. Some are better than others. Some get support and some don’t. The best smart platform you’ll find on any 4K TV is Roku because Roku is an independent company that dedicates resources to keeping these platforms up to date. While the TCL S517 might not have the best picture in the world, it will last you for years with the built-in features alone. Plus, this price is a good $30 off what it was selling for last month.

$319.99 at Amazon


Sony XBR55A8F 55-Inch 4K Bravia OLED TV

This 2018 Sony TV is down to $1,998 at a few retailers including Amazon, Dell, and more. That’s a new price drop and $300 off what it has sold for since last year.

$1,998 at Amazon

How to get the Best 4K TV Deals

So many TVs are 4K these days. Every major manufacturer from Samsung to RCA has 4K TVs. So the real question isn’t really how do you find the best 4K deals, but instead how do you get the best value in your 4K TV? And with that, it comes down to many of the other features on your TV.

Of course you should just start with the price. When’s the best time to look for price drops on the 4K TVs you are interested in? Well, right around this time (May) isn’t too bad. A lot of new lineups get announced earlier in the year and released around March and April. Then the previous year’s TVs start going on sale. That’s why we’ve mentioned a bunch of 2018 models above because those are the ones going on sale, and the only thing you’ll be missing out on are a few new features you might not even care about. The technology for excellent image quality is still there, and you can pay several hundred dollars less. Also keep an eye out around the big holidays like Prime Day and Black Friday, although the chaos during those times can really overshadow some of the better deals we see.

But don’t just settle on the lowest price or the least expensive based on the size you want. If you’re investing several hundred dollars into a set that will become the centerpiece of your living room or the thing all your furniture is pointed at, then you want to buy something that will last for a very long time. Bad smart platforms, poor contrast, easily breakable stands, and more can bring your TVs to an early end. We don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why we’re not interested in the bad TVs that are inexpensive because they’re bad. And you shouldn’t be either.

Best Cheap TVs with 4K, HDR in 2019

4K is the way of the future. Despite its slow consumer-level growth over the last five or so years, we’re starting to see more and more 4K HDR content, and therefore, more and more consoles, platforms, and services are showing support. When 4K TVs hit the market, they were well over $2,500 apiece, but now you can get a 4K TV quite inexpensively. These are the best cheap 4K HDR TVs you can buy.

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Top dog: LG UK6300PUE (43″, 49″, 55″, 65″)

Our pick

In terms of best bang for your buck, this LG model is without a doubt our top pick. LG makes some of the best TVs money can buy, and this one matches up well to even other more expensive sets. You can get a 49-inch for under $400, featuring LG’s fantastic Web OS smart interface, a stunning IPS panel, and, of course, HDR10 support.

$390 for 49″ at Amazon

Cheapest option: Toshiba LF621U19 (43″, 50″, 55″)

For only $400, you can get this TV in 55 inches. It features Amazon’s Fire TV platform built right in, and it supports 4K HDR content. You get three HDMI ports on this one and a USB port, a simple remote, as well as all your favorite streaming apps baked in like Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and more.

$400 for 55″ at Amazon

Upgrade pick: Vizio P-Series (55″, 65″, 75″)

I’m so impressed with how far Vizio has come in the last few years, and its P-Series TVs are a prime example of excellent TVs at affordable prices. You get 4K Dolby Vision HDR, gorgeous color, Vizio’s smart TV platform, and built-in Casting abilities.

$800 for 55″ at Best Buy

Also great: TCL 6 Series (55″, 65″)

TCL’s 6 Series TVs are well-reviewed and can hold their own with even better brands like LG and Samsung. They have deep blacks, abundant colors, and the built-in Roku TV platform is perfect for cord cutters.

$630 for 55″ at Amazon

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