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The best charging docks for Poké Ball Plus

All serious Pokémon trainers need a compact charging dock to keep their Poké Ball Plus securely in place while charging. The best docks also let you know when the battery is full. We’ve compiled a list of all the best Poké Ball Plus charging docks on the market, so you can keep playing Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee with this special controller.

Official gear

Officially Licensed Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand

Staff Pick

When you place your Poké Ball Plus on the dock, it chimes to let you know the charging process has begun. It also notifies you when the ball is fully charged. It comes with a special attachment that allows you to place the ball in a natural position. So you can display it like a collectible when not in use. The design helps you hide cables out of view for a clean look.

$20 at Amazon.

Triple threat

DABAOZA USB 3 in 1 Charging Dock

This charging station is the perfect option for the tidy Switch gamer. It allows you to charge your pro controller, a pair of Joy-Cons and a Poké Ball Plus all at the same time without taking up too much room. Check the four LED light indicator on the front of the device to see the charging status of your controllers.

$23 at Amazon.

Money saver

DABAOZA Nintendo Fast Charger for PokéBall Plus

This is the stand for anyone that wants a quality charger for cheap. The blue plastic keeps your Poké Ball Plus in place while charging. It only takes 2 hours to charge and the battery indicator will shine red when charging or blue when fully charged.

$12 at Amazon.

Modern look

Charger Stand for Nintendo Switch Pokéball Plus Controller

This is one of the least expensive, yet highly rated docks you can find. The ring of light shines red when charging and changes to blue when charged, so you know if your controller is ready to use. The ball plugs in securely and will not fall off of the erect Type-C USB. The stand doesn’t have a large footprint, so you’ll be able to place it just about anywhere.

$15 at Amazon.

Rest and recharge

Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch Poké Ball Plus

This dock only charges one Poké Ball Plus at a time, but it can display one controller while charging another. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who owns two Poké Ball Plus controllers. The dock is sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about the controller coming loose or rolling off while charging. An LED light glows red while charging and changes to blue when the controller has finished.

$16 at Amazon.

Extra protection

5-in-1 Pokéball Plus Charger Stand

This is the charging station pack for anyone who wants to protect their Poké Ball Plus in style. It comes with a silicone case, acarrying case, a carabiner, a long USB Type-C charging cable, and charging stand. The stand itself is not a dock, but it will hold your Poké Ball Plus securely in place while charging with the cable. Note that the cable is longer than the one that comes with the Poké Ball Plus, so you’ll be able to reach an outlet more easily.

$15 at Amazon.

Gotta charge ’em all

When determining the best Poké Ball Plus chargers on the market, we considered price, customer reviews, and overall convenience. After roughly 6 hours, we’ve determined the best of the best.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing the Officially Licensed Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand released by Nintendo. It does cost more than other docks, but it has a bunch of fancy features and allows you to display your Poké Ball Plus like a collectible. If you are a serious Switch fan who has all the accessories, we recommend purchasing the DABAOZA USB 3 in 1 Charging Dock since you’ll be able to charge all of your controllers in one compact spot.

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