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The best kickstand replacements for Nintendo Switch

By and large, when the Nintendo Switch came out, everyone regarded it as a pretty stellar piece of gaming hardware. That being said, it was almost completely universally agreed upon that the kickstand on the back of the Switch left a bit to be desired. Yes, it does the job for the most part, but it also feels flimsy and just doesn’t come up the high standard that the rest of the system offers. If you don’t like the kickstand on your Nintendo Switch, or if you happened to accidentally break off that little piece of plastic, there are some options available to you.

More of the same

Switch kickstand replacement

If you have no problem with the stock kickstand and you just need a replacement, you can always pick one up through Nintendo. It’s not flashy, but it gets the job done.

$4 at Nintendo

Charge while you kick back

Adjustable charging stand

If you are looking to replace your kickstand, why not get you a replacement that can do both? This official charging stand is a lot sturdier than the stock option and it’s adjustable so you can have different angles.

$20 at Amazon

All the angles

Hori compact playstand

If you don’t need a stand that charges, then you can always opt for this officially licensed stand from Hori. It’s more robust than the default kickstand, it offers tons of different angles, and it raises the Switch up so you can actually get to the charging port while you play.

$13 at Amazon

Classic with color

Nyko replacement kickstand

If you are looking for a replacement like the original stand, you could always opt for this Nyko stand. It offers a bit more flash then the standard. These stands come in three different colors and actually have a built-in spot to store extra SD cards

$13 at Amazon

There are plenty of options when it comes to replacing the kickstand on your Nintendo Switch. Just find the one that’s right for you and go for it. I personally use the Adjustable charging stand. For only $20 you get an official Nintendo product that works much better than the stock stand and it also keeps your Switch charged

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