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The Flora and Fauna event is coming to Harry Potter Wizards Unite!

You’ll need to work through multiple steps but the rewards are well worth it.

While Niantic is still running its beta tests out in New Zealand and Australia, it seems it is going to test everything it can while it’s there. A new event, scheduled for May 31, called the Flora and Fauna Event is giving us our first look at what future events might look like in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

While information is still a little sketchy, we are getting some reports from Reddit and the folks over at Wizards Unite Hub about what the event will entail, and what you’ll need to complete in order to win.

The main event

“The Forbidden Forrest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest’s missing Flora and Fauna to its proper place.”

That’s the text written in the image that welcomes you to the event and it gives you a clear understanding that this is an event based on the Magical portion of the Foundables. You are more likely to encounter Magical Beast Traces in the wild and those Traces have the chance to be what the HP:WU team are calling Brilliant Traces.

To complete the event you will be asked to complete Assignments — that’s right we are back at school — where you complete individual tasks in order to complete the entire assignments. This particular event has four assignments, each with three tasks to accomplish to complete them, though that could easily change as the game moves one. Events need to be balanced so the tasks last roughly the same amount of time as the event itself so Niantic may well tweak this as they go.

Each task you complete gives you a small reward and completing all three tasks, which completes the assignment, gives you a big, juicy reward for your trouble. By the time you reach the fourth assignment, the rewards are pretty significant — the fourth assignment completion bonus is five books from the restricted section, 100 gold, and a salamander — and could give your character skills in your chosen profession a healthy boost.


While these may not be directly related to the event, the timing for them seems too good not to be. People have been noticing Brilliant Traces as well as 7KM Portkeys out in the wild. The 7KM Portkeys, like the 7KM eggs in Pokémon Go are likely to house variants of encounters you can already get in the game but it’s always nice to have variety, and the more collectibles the better I always say.

Brilliant Traces, like Shiny Pokémon, are rare encounters that have a different color scheme to the normal encounters. Niantic seemed to be testing them a little early according to a Reddit post but they are slated to go live in conjunction with the event.

Brilliant Traces appear with a purple hue around them (Why is purple always rare? Where did that come from?) and don’t appear to be any more difficult to defeat than normal Traces. Keep your eye out for these, they may not give you a mechanical advantage in the game but they are very cool looking, and sometimes that’s all we want.

What does this mean for the future? (Conjecture)

We aren’t really sure. Much of what we will see in the full release lays on the shoulders of these beta testers. If they manage to complete this event in just a day or two then we may see a radical change in how the events work in the full game. More likely though, with Niantic’s track record, this Flora and Fauna event will be the template for all future events.

I think we are likely to see the other two types of Foundables in events in the coming months. Both Dark Magic and Curiosities have a strong back story that could be used to make the events interesting. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a brilliant Death Eater? All purple and shiny!

What do you think about these events? Are they the type of thing you want to see or were you hoping for something different? Let us know in the comments

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