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The new LaunchCuts Shortcuts app can be pre-ordered ahead of Jan 8 launch

What you need to know

  • LaunchCuts is available for pre-order for $7.99.
  • It goes on sale on January 8.
  • The app makes it easier than ever to arrange and organize your shortcuts.

LaunchCuts is a shortcut to Shortcuts organization of shortcuts.

WorkFlow was great, and Shortcuts built on that thanks to the additional access afforded by being part of Apple. But neither app really managed to fix one longstanding problem – organization. There’s just no proper way to organize shortcuts, and if you’re a big user of the app that’s an even bigger problem. Enter, LaunchCuts.

The app aims to make it easier to organize your shortcuts in ways never before possible. Folders, powerful sorting options, and even filtering have the potential to change how you use your shortcuts. And with support for keyboard shortcuts and more, this has the potential to be a big deal.

  • Folders: Organize your shortcuts into folders.
  • Smart Folders: Display shortcuts based on multiple criteria, including tags, colors, icons, shortcut type, unfiled status, and accepted input types (e.g. Text, Images, Files, and Safari Web Pages).
  • Sort: Sort your shortcuts by name, color, icon, or size. Sort your folders by favorites, name, or manually.
  • Adjustable Grid: See more (or less) shortcuts on screen for a given folder.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Quickly navigate between your favorite folders and launch your most-used shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Search: Find shortcuts faster with wildcard searches.
  • iCloud Sync: Sync your folders between all of your iCloud-connected devices.
  • Multiple Windows: Create multiple instances of LaunchCuts using Split View and Slide Over on iPadOS.
  • Bright Icons: Bring back the colorful icons from iOS 12.

You’ll be able to take LaunchCuts for a spin come January 8, but you can pre-order it in the App Store right now. It’s priced at $7.99 which is a small price to pay if you’re a Shortcuts power user.

I’ve just started testing the app myself and I’ll be reporting back on my findings ahead of launch day. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Source of the article – iMore