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The new LifeProof Cooler Backpack holds 24 cans of your favorite beverage

Fill it up!

Did you know LifeProof, the makers of oddly-named weather-resistant smartphones like the Nüüd and Qi-enabled wireless power packs, also make backpacks? This is apparently a new thing the company started last year, and today LifeProof has announced the all-new LifeProof Cooler Backpack.

This is LifeProof’s first cooler. You’ll find it’s the perfect companion for a hiking trip, a night at the beach, or any journey that takes you a bit away from civilization. It can hold up to 24 cans and keeps ice icy for up to 48 hours. Despite being a backpack and made with a soft outside, it is designed to sit upright when you place it down. The top has a flip lid for easy access to your beverages. The pack includes a reusable ice pack you can freeze over and over. It also has exterior zippered pockets for storing essential accessories like your phone or sunglasses, a mesh external pocket for water bottles, and a bottle opener. The backpack fits on your back securely with padded shoulder straps and a chest strap.

The Backpack Cooler is currently going for $69.99 through the LifeProof website, and it only comes in one color: Azure Stone. If you don’t need a cooler but you do need a backpack, check out the rest of the LifeProof Packs lineup that includes tons of large bags for any occasion.

I don’t know what beverages the kids partake in these days, but you could fill your new cooler with some Gatorade or Pepsi.

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